O Yes It's Ladies Night

Kendol, last minute, went out of town for a night for work. So what's a girl to do?? Ladies night, duh!

Spaghetti, Wine, Butterfinger Pie, The Bachelor, My Snuggie, The Kardashians... Perfection!!

But the perfection only came after a slight disaster! Whilst preparing for ladies night, (i.e. take out trash, unload and reload the dishwasher) disaster struck... in the form of the bottom of the garbage bag busting in the middle of the kitchen floor... Seriously, I cussed and screamed for about 10 minutes. (Delta, the dog, probably thought I needed to be taken to a psych ward) Then I was able to begin the clean up. Three garbage bags, a towel, a mop, a vaccum, a bath and a bottle glass of wine later... the mess was clean. Dis-gust-ing.

And since I haven't actually been watching The Bachelor this season because I thought Ben was a total snoozefest, I have a few things to say on the subject...
1. Nobody can take a guy in capri pants seriously.
2. Nobody can take a guy with a legit butt cut seriously.
3. Nothing about that baseball game was intense... And he compared it to the World Series..Really?
4. Nobody in real life, wears those booty shorts in public. For work out purposes, maybe? Volleyball, maybe??
5. No respectable person goes skinny dipping on National Television. Her Mom should be so proud!
6. Seriously what is up with Courtney's mouth? Can.Not.Handle.It.
7.What guy suggests picking out clothes for each other when their planned date goes bad due to weather?
8. While yes, you need dry clothes, let's go get a drink somewhere would have been a much better option. For me anyways...
9. Ben slightly resembles a turtle. "Turtle, Turtle"... But he also looks like a tennis player, no??
10. I actually liked Ben alot more than I expected. Cut the hair, Lose the capris and we are all good!

And one to grow on.
11. Girl that got sent home ugly cried on national television and snorted. SNORTED. over a guy she knew for like 3 weeks. SNORTED.

And as far as the Kardashians goes, Scott is still shooting his way to the top of my favorite list!! Whodathunkit?? He is so hysterical and precious. Just makes my day to see him turn his life around. Or maybe he's always been this way, they just had to have a bad guy for ratings. Either way. Love him! And The Hump is Dumped, so I never have to see him again. Or hear him bark.

Ladies Night. Just what this gal needed. Good for the Soul.


  1. Hahah! You should link up your recap on my blog!!

    I agree - Ben needs a hair cut in the worst way! I think it is Courtney's nose - one nostril is bigger, as well as her mouth... The ball game was intense for a bunch of girls who havent played ball!

  2. so i fear the garbage bag breaking EVERYTIME i take the trash out. i purposefully don't fill it all the way because of that. in addition, if something is sharp...i toss it out immediately. not in the trashcan.

    thank you for confirming my fear is legit.

  3. I have yet to jump on the Bachelor bandwagon yet, and am not planning on it anytime soon, but I sure do love your commentary...better than the real show, I dare to say! Glad you got to enjoy your evening...nothing like a little reality TV to make a girl happy!

  4. OH no!! That's the worst!

    I had to cut the Bachelor because I have too many Monday night shows. I feel like I'm not missing much though ;)

    What is a butt cutt?! Like a messed up haircut? Or an actual cut on the ass? lol

    1. A butt cut: parted down the middle, hair nastily coming down each side of one's head/face and not a good look for anyone.
      It's been around forever. Why, I don't know.

  5. I watched the bachlor for the first time this season last night too. Agreed on ALL points. That courtney girl is PAINFUL. And the 34 year old cocktail waitress? Come on girlfriend, time for a real job.

  6. Okay so I have to admit I have been watching the Bachelor this season... and reading Reality Steve's predictions (which is always right, according to previous seasons entries) and guess who Ben chooses...

  7. A girls night sounds PERFECT right now! I so need one. Yours sounds like it was fun, despite the trash mess. I would've been just as mad as you about that!