Cowgirl Legs? Yes, please

As y'all know, this week I have been attempting to begin whipping myself back in to shape with the help of all these fresh fruits and veggies of summer and little bit of exercise. Well, Well, Well. On Wednesday, I actually got in my car to head to the gym (who even knew I still had a membership?) only to realize I forgot my headphones and there's no way I am running on the treadmill without my music. That would be horrific. 

So, I headed back home and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a little workout I found on Pinterest called the "Cowgirl Leg Circuit." (I'll do just about anything to get some Carrie Underwood look alikes) I thought I would do a couple rounds of that and maybe pop in a Zumba or P90X video to follow.

Joke was on me. While I made it just fine through the circuit, it was not easy. And there was no way in hell a video of any kind was going to follow. Seriously, I thought this would be no big deal. No mam. No freakin' mam. It definitely works the ole legs and makes you sweat. And to whoever designed this circuit and put tuck jumps at the very end... I hate you. There, I said it. And I hate you for the squat jumps too.

And here's me...
But smiling..
Because it was over..
Just look at that hair..
Hot mess express..

P.S. I have been trying not to drink cokes not drink as many cokes and trying to make myself drink lots of water.. like you're supposed to and all.. I am seriously scared I might wet the bed (HA!) How do you people do it? I think I got up like 5 times during the night. TMI? Isn't that what blogs are for?

P.S. I really need a heart rate monitor/actual calories burned counter. What are your best suggestions? I know tons have the Polar FT4. Is it still the best option?


Summertime Sammies

There is nothing better than a good ole' sandwich with fresh tomatoes from the garden to welcome me to summer. It is the main thing I look forward to, and I had my first one last week. While the tomatoes came from the farmer's market instead of my Daddy's garden, they did not disappoint.

Ever since then, I have been craving nothing but fresh fruits and veggies, which is never a bad thing. Monday night we had some squash and zucchini spaghetti (yea, I just made that name up) and last night we had some grilled zucchini and squash along with some roasted sweet potatoes. While I was buying up all these veggies, I couldn't pass up the watermelon and cucumber's that were calling my name.

I quickly cut up that watermelon (and dug in) and got the cucumbers sliced and soaking for my favorite little summer snack, the cucumber sandwich. While I usually make them in little individual "sammies" for a shower or party, I decided that I would be making full on sandwiches at work for the rest of the week. If you are a cucumber fan, do yourself a favor and make these for your next get together. Guests will love them and request them time and again. You won't regret. The recipe comes strait from my grandmother. You know I couldn't steer you wrong with my grandmother's recipe.

Via Pinterest

Cucumber Party Sandwiches
Season Salt (Tony's)
Circle Cookie Cutter

How To:
Peel Cucumber
Slice Cucumber
Place in a bowl
Cover with half vinegar/half water
Let soak over night
Cut bread into circles with a cookie cutter 
(slightly bigger than you cucumber slice) 
Put a little dab of mayo
(Pat cucumber with a paper towel so it's not dripping)
Place your cucumber on top
Top with a "sprinkle" of season salt
(I use Tony's)

And if you are feeling funky, you can do the same with tomato slices. Just mix some bacon bits with your mayo, add tomato and top with some salt and pepper.

And just a little (redneck) FYI: Since circle cookie cutters seem to be impossible to find around these parts, I have found that a small tomato paste can makes the perfect size circle. You can get two, sometimes three circles out of a piece of bread. See for yourself :) "The Redneck Cookie Cutter." I should patent.



This morning when I woke up, I could barely move. Why? Because I worked out yesterday for the first time in well over a month. Between life, work, holidays, trips and family events, my health has been on the back burner. But that all changed yesterday. 

It's so funny how you can you *snap* back into something. I snapped yesterday. Thank goodness. A healthy dinner, a mile Run, a Kettle Bell workout, a few planks, some squats and and an entry into My Fitness Pal later and we are back in business. It all came back like no time had passed at all. I had my fun, but now it's time to get serious. 

My house in clean. I spent some time with friends. I have gotten some rest. Maybe all I've needed this whole time was a long weekend and some normalcy. It's time for a little routine in my life. 

Learn to workout in the morning
Run more (10 miles a week?)
Keep up with My Fitness Pal daily
Do not snack while working at Mudbugs
Workout 4-5 days a week
Include squats and planks in all workouts
Take lunch more often
Cook healthy dinners

The first (and hardest) day is already done.

Ready. Set. Go.


New Orleans, Holiday Fun and Surprises, O My!!

Every weekend should be a four day weekend. Am I right? Especially when one of the vacation days was a surprise! Do you have any idea how awesome it is to have an unexpected Friday off work? You cannot beat it. But... I could have seriously used one day of recovery. I still cannot keep my eyes open, but every single second was worth it. Five day weekends? Yes, please!

We kicked off the holiday weekend with a trip to New Orleans with our friends, Colby and Tiffany. We arrived around 11 am and headed strait to the French Quarter to find somewhere fun with a balcony to eat lunch. It was New Orleans style red beans and rice for this girl. Afterwards, we strolled around a little while before making our way to Bourbon. We spent the afternoon at Razoo people watching and getting in a little dancing. We also encountered Will Smith's twin and had a little fun with a bachelor parties "Fathead." This is my new bach party necessity. It was hilarious. For dinner, we made our way to the Original Pierre Masperro's. Talk about delicious. We followed dinner with a little more time on Bourbon and ended the night with some pizza, obviously. As always, New Orleans defeated us all. You win again, my friend.

I thought New Orleans was the major part of my weekend, but boy was I in for a treat. My first cousin, Kaylis, was in town for the last time before moving to Cincinnati. We had a Memorial Day bash complete with smoked ribs, chicken quarters and every casserole and dessert you would find fitting for such a holiday bar bq. But we also had one last big surprise!

I had my very first blate, as y'all call it, with little miss Shayna and her sweet husband Matt! They were in Memphis for the weekend and I freaked out that they were so close. Then she informed me that they could drive back home through Mississippi.. on Monday.. which just so happened to be when we were having a little Memorial Day shin dig! PERFECT!!!!  I insisted they come... and they did!!! It was fantastic. She was just as precious as I thought she would be and Matt was just the little cowboy I knew he would be! I am so, so glad they got to come and I hope we can all do it again one day when there isn't a seven hour drive home to follow. It was so wonderful to finally meet someone who I feel like I've known my whole life through this crazy little blog world.

1. Fun with the FatHead
2. SHAYNA in real life
3. Kendol and I at lunch in New Orleans
4. Kendol and I on Bourbon
5. Fav girls on Memorial Day
6. Will Smith look alike at Razoo
7. New friend from California
8. My favorite new summertime concoction:
Malibu and Pine, Orange, Banana Juice
9. View from lunch in New Orleans


You Won't Learn This At School

Day 23: Things you've learned learned that school won't teach you

Wow, the things I could go on about with this topic. Let's get serious, most of life's lessons did not happen for me in a classroom. They happened in college and not while I was in class. (Seriously, you can not learn finance from a foreign professor who speaks zero English. Just sayin') They just so happened to take place between the ages of 18 and 22. The years where you experience freedom and a little independence for the first time. The years where emotions run high and life starts to get real. 

Don't get me wrong, my four years spent in Starkville, MS were some of the absolute best years of my life, no doubt. But some days were hard. I struggled with being myself. I struggled with being insecure. I spent four years trying to please others, even if it meant not being myself. I spent four years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. As you know they say down here in the south, "girls are not in college for an education, they are in college to find a husband" and mine was no where to be found. It was so hard to watch every one of your best friends and sister have serious relationships through out college and no one  give you the time of day. It was a real knock to the confidence. I went out. I had the time of my life. I had a ton of friends. But that doesn't mean I didn't go home and cry myself to sleep sometimes. I was not myself and I knew it.

But you know what those 4+ years did for me? They taught me to be a stronger person. They taught me to be a stronger christian. I prayed. I prayed a lot. Sometimes I prayed angrily, but God knew what he was doing. They taught me to be independent, perhaps too much so. You can ask Kendol, unless I physically cannot pick something up I do not need your help. They taught me to be a good listener. They taught me patience, which I clearly had very little of at the time. They made me realize just what I did and did not want in a significant other or friend. They prepared me. They toughened me up for the real world. They allowed me to live life up to the fullest and I did just that. And most importantly, they taught me to be the best version of myself I could be. 

And just when God thought I was good and ready, Kendol and I met two weeks before graduation.
And I was one the first of my friends to get married. 
I just needed to figure my life out first.
I needed to learn about myself.
And you can't learn that in school.
Thanks God.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper you. Not to harm you.
Plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11


Saturday in the South

On Saturday, in between reunion festivities, Kendol and I spent the afternoon at my parents celebrating Mother's Day and a few birthdays with my Daddy's side of the family. We stayed outside and enjoyed the sunshine and the opportunity to get a little tan. There were water gun wars, a lot of fishing, home-made chocolate pie and bbq.

We watched Hayes and Farrell become not just cousins, but friends. They dug in the rocks together. They held hands and ran through the sprinkler. Farrell was such the little southern gentlemen, waiting on Hayes each time before he'd run back through the sprinkler. 

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


Here's to the Next Ten!!

This past weekend, my fellow classmates and I celebrated our ten year reunion. It was a weekend long affair that started with a delta style cocktail party. We enjoyed finger foods, sipped on cocktails and reminisced about all sorts of stuff. It was so great to see all of those faces. Some I see on a regular basis and others I literally haven't seen in years. Others I was meeting for the first time, Spouses and significant others.We followed this up with a little shindig at our local bar.

On Saturday morning, we all met up at our high school for a little tour to see just what all has changed over these last 10 years. We enjoyed a luncheon in our old cafeteria (not cafeteria food thankfully...) followed by a grand tour. I, having a little sister who just graduated, was familiar with many of the changes but I had most definitely not walked those halls since that last day of high school. My favorite part about this was watching everyone with their children, some with brand new babies and others with two or three little munchkins running wild. The sweetest was all of those boys showing off their little ones. Melt my heart.

Later that night, after everyone rested up for round two (keep in mind we are old), we had a "high school house party" at one of the houses we partied at most in high school. There was a country band (our wedding band), a pool, some local bar b q, beer and a massive amount of mosquitoes. All of the ingredients of a perfect night in the Mississippi delta. We all sat in lawn chairs around the pool and enjoyed the music while catching up with some folks that we didn't get to catch up with the night before. It was hilarious. It was perfect.

Here's to the next ten!!!

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


There's No Time..

Day 20: Get Real. Share something you're struggling with.

What do I struggle with most, right now?
Time. There's just not enough of it.

My life right now seems to be in fast forward, literally. I cannot even keep up.
Besides to bathe and sleep, I haven't been home since last Monday.

I'm tired.
I'm out of shape.
My house is dirty.
I'm overwhelmed.
When will it slow down?
O, how I wish I knew.

Cue the meltdown..
Jessie Spano style.


Happy, Happy, Happy (2)

Day 14: Ten Things That Make You Really Happy

Ten things that make me really happy??? 
From this past weekend...

1. Time spent with my family watching my little sister graduate high school.
Followed by a family dinner at The Crystal Grill.

2. The jam session I had with Nelly Pandora on my drive to the beach Saturday. I would really love to know the number of calories I burned. I didn't miss a word or a booty shake or a hand gesture for four strait hours.

3. Being a part of a life-long friend's best day of their life.
Congratulations Tyler & Joely.

4. Being a beach bum. Kendol and I soaked up the sun and sipped on some cocktails literally all day on Sunday. I sure wish that could be my job. I would be d@mn good at it.

5. Nights out on the town. 
You just never know who/what you are going to encounter. 
Especially at the Flora-Bama.

6. Dinner's with a view.. 
Seriously can I have this view every night?

Cobalt in Orange Beach, AL.

7. Much needed time away with my love.

8. Spending some much needed time with great friends.

9.  Getting my ring all shined up..
Nothing better than that.

10. Ending the weekend by celebrating Kendol's sweet Momma over some delicious Seafood Lasagna. I am truly blessed in the Mother-in-Law department.

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


That Time We Took A Mini Van To Chicago..

Day 12: What do you miss??

I miss this. 
7 best friends.
One mini van. 
On a mission to see Justin Timberlake.

For our last hoorah of college, we piled in and headed to Chicago for Spring Break to see our main man, Justin Timberlake. It was the greatest trip ever. Our friend Kate's family is from Chicago so her Daddy and fam took us to hit up all the local-to-do's. We also did a little downtown touring and attended the South Side Irish Parade on St. Paddy's day. The trip was epic..

And boy have we all come a long way..
Thank goodness..

And 6 1/2 years later, it will happen again.
Same crew plus two.
This time in Nashville.
See you in November, Mr. Timberlake.

And boy have we all come a long way..
Thank goodness..



Day 11: Sell Yourself in 10 Words or Less

(some think I'm quiet.. I'm just listening)

(I make people laugh.. most of the time it's at my expense)

(very creative with very little artistic ability)

(I tell it like it is, most of time..)
(I know when to keep my mouth shut)

Laid Back
(sometime's too laid back)
(not one single OCD bone in my body)

(about everything I love)
(If I'm passionate about something, you'll know very quickly)

(sometimes too selfless)
(this I consider my best and worst quality)

(very independent)
(I do not need a friend to go to the bathroom..)

(Most importantly)

Via Pinterest



Day 9: A Moment in your day.

Monday: Favorite from my devotion.
Tuesday: Margarita date in the sunshine
Wednesday: Favorite necklace and stripes


You Are Not A Tree

Day 8: "A Piece of Advice for Others"

Via Pinterest
So simple, but so true. When I first saw this, I was not happy with my job and the life it provided for me. 9 hour days with 2 hours of driving. It was just too much dedication for little reward and the job itself did not make me happy. I knew I had to change. And I did. And it's the best decision I ever made!! You are not a tree. You can move. You can change. Life's to short to be unhappy.


Here's to the Good Life!!

Day 4: Favorite Quote

He Fills My Life With Good Things.
Psalm 103:5

My favorite quote comes from my favorite book, The Bible and is the meaning behind my blog name, "The Good Life." It serves as a great reminder to always remember that the great things that God has blessed me with, far out weigh the bad. It also reminds me to always look for the positive in every situation that comes my way.

Via Pinterest



Via Pinterest

Day 3: Things that make you Uncomfortable

Well, this is an easy one.

If there's one thing in the world that makes me uncomfortable it is public speaking. It is not the thought of being in front of people bc I have always danced, cheered, played sports and worked in restaurants. I think it is just being put on the spot and not being 100% comfortable with what I'm saying. I do not like to be put on the spot. I do not like to be the center of attention. And I do not like to be singled out. I am the most awkward person on planet earth when put in these situations.

Yep, I was the 22 year old in freshman speech class. I signed up for speech every semester of college and dropped the class the day of the first speech for 7 semesters. The eighth semester I had no choice. Needless to say, I did not have an "A" in speech class like 99.9% of the population. And I'm totally ok with that. 

And get this... now they offer speech in high school that counts towards college credit. I totally could have pulled an "A" off if that was the case 10 years ago (WHOA). My little sister isn't even out of high school and that class is already behind her. Lucky duck.

Public speaking may be the #1 thing that makes me uncomfortable, but thankfully my new job helps me with this every single day. Not that I give speeches on the reg, by any stretch of the imagination, but our little 5 person office is in open discussion all day, every day. Everyone is involved in all situations. Everyone's opinions and ideas are expressed and taken into consideration. Our boss loves to question us. Not to embarrass us, but to help us learn. 

I used to could not even talk on the phone or order a pizza if someone was near me. 
Yesterday, I was in a meeting with my boss and a client and I was the one asking the questions.
I'm a work in progress and getting better every single day.

Other things that make me uncomfortable..
Intense political/religious discussions
When people talk really loud in quiet settings
When people's pants are too short


Where My Party People At??

Day 2:
Tell us something you know a lot about or are good at.

Here in the south, we throw parties for any and all occassions. And by "any and all occassions" I mean that literally. It takes very little for the following phrase to occur:
"O, so-n-so happened?? We should have a party/shower."
Example 1:"It's Tuesday? Party time!!"
Example 2: "It's my 27 and 3/4 Birthday?? We should have a cook out!"

Kidding. Kidding.

In other words, at age 27, I consider myself a professional party planner, so I figured I would give you some tips for throwing a party/shower with a group of people. I have learned that the whole "everybody do these jobs and we'll write 10 checks to10 different people to make sure everyone is exactly even" business is for the birds. Please... next time. Do not do this. There are much easier ways.

Via Pinterest
Simplify Your Party
Keep it simple, simple, simple

1. Figure out who all will be hosting
2. Pick a date
3. Pick a theme
4. Pick a serving dish.
(down here in the 'Sip this is easy. Most everything is served on McCarty/Peter's Pottery,  Annie Glass or a combination of the two. If all hosts do not have the particular type of serving dish, others hosts that do can bring extras so that the display is uniform)
5. Decide on a hostess gift and who will purchase it.

Now for the dreaded, complicated, stressful part.
6.Who pays for what?

Stress no more, my party plannin' friends.
Remember: Simple
Simply make a list of things needed for the shower/party and a list of dishes you would like to serve.

Example of Jobs:
Soft Drinks/Punch
Alcoholic Drinks
(Mimosas, Blood Mary's)
Plates, Cups, Napkins, Silverware

Example of Dishes:
Fruit/Fruit Dip
Sausage Balls
Finger Sandwiches
Cheese Ball

Have everyone pick (first come, first serve) which job and which dish they would like to be in charge of.  
That way, they can spend as much or as little as they would like.

How freakin' simple. 
Each person has one job,brings one dish and writes one check/cash to whomever purchased the hostess gift.

Don't complicate things.
Someone has mason jars?? Bring em'
Someone has a pretty table cloth?? Bring it
Someone has a gorgeous vase??
Punch Bowl?? Bring it
Figure out what people have to offer that doesn't have to be bought.
Use it. Get creative.
We are not having a shower fit for a Princess Kate.
And we aren't Martha Stewart.
Work with what you've got.
Keep it simple.
Keep it organized.


Via Pinterest


Story of My Life

With the lack of topics for the ole blog, resulting from my crazy schedule, I figured I would just head first into a little challenge being put on by Story of My Life Blog. The first of the May challenge starts today with my life story in 250 words or less. P.S. I'm not sure where my point of view came from.. just go with it.

The (Wo)Man. The Myth. The Legend was born in 1985 in the small Mississippi Delta town of Greenwood. After gifting her mother with the most lame 4th of July ever (I'd imagine), little Callie (NOT Kelly) entered this grand world on the 5th.  She grew up the daughter of a teacher and bug man, sister to two and lover of competitive gymnastics, softball and swimming. Lots of swimming. (girl’s got to be tan, right?) She took her love for dance and gymnastics and was a cheerleader through out her jr. high and high school years. Then it was off to college where life really began. She was a Mississippi State bulldog  and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority with her sister, first cousin and hometown best friends. She spent four of the best years of her life living it up in the small college town of Starkville, MS and made the best of life-long friends. Just two weeks before leaving that great town, she met a handsome gentleman named Kendol. The two of them drank beer and talked until the sun came up on the porch of her little turquoise cottage one night, which was followed by breakfast at Hardee's (keepin' it classy). These two were married just two years later on the hottest summer day in Mississippi History (or so it seemed). The two are now approaching their 4th wedding anniversary and are saving to begin building a new home on their 2 little acres in the country. 

And there you have it... 250 words.. on.the.dot.Boom.