This morning when I woke up, I could barely move. Why? Because I worked out yesterday for the first time in well over a month. Between life, work, holidays, trips and family events, my health has been on the back burner. But that all changed yesterday. 

It's so funny how you can you *snap* back into something. I snapped yesterday. Thank goodness. A healthy dinner, a mile Run, a Kettle Bell workout, a few planks, some squats and and an entry into My Fitness Pal later and we are back in business. It all came back like no time had passed at all. I had my fun, but now it's time to get serious. 

My house in clean. I spent some time with friends. I have gotten some rest. Maybe all I've needed this whole time was a long weekend and some normalcy. It's time for a little routine in my life. 

Learn to workout in the morning
Run more (10 miles a week?)
Keep up with My Fitness Pal daily
Do not snack while working at Mudbugs
Workout 4-5 days a week
Include squats and planks in all workouts
Take lunch more often
Cook healthy dinners

The first (and hardest) day is already done.

Ready. Set. Go.


  1. Good for you Callie! I need help in this area right now too - it's like if I'm working out then I can't keep up with eating right and if I'm eating healthy then I'm not working out. Ugh!

  2. Go you!!!! I haven't worked out in an embarassingly long time ... all that work I did building my running stamina is out the window (or it feels that way anyway). I need to just suck it up and get back into it but you're right, the first day is the hardest, and I keep making up excuses. Eeeeeee!!!

  3. Get it girlfriend!!! I started with a healthy dinner last night & it felt great! The lack of caffeine today, not so much! HAHA! I'm right there with you though - can't remember the last time I was at the gym! :/ Proud of you though, keep it up! (I'm using you as my push start!)

  4. lets be plank buddies because i need motivation to get them done!! we all take an exercise break every now and then at least you recognized you can't let it go for too long.

  5. Go girl go! Love that motivation - I'm trying to get back on track too! :)