O Yes It's Ladies Night

Kendol, last minute, went out of town for a night for work. So what's a girl to do?? Ladies night, duh!

Spaghetti, Wine, Butterfinger Pie, The Bachelor, My Snuggie, The Kardashians... Perfection!!

But the perfection only came after a slight disaster! Whilst preparing for ladies night, (i.e. take out trash, unload and reload the dishwasher) disaster struck... in the form of the bottom of the garbage bag busting in the middle of the kitchen floor... Seriously, I cussed and screamed for about 10 minutes. (Delta, the dog, probably thought I needed to be taken to a psych ward) Then I was able to begin the clean up. Three garbage bags, a towel, a mop, a vaccum, a bath and a bottle glass of wine later... the mess was clean. Dis-gust-ing.

And since I haven't actually been watching The Bachelor this season because I thought Ben was a total snoozefest, I have a few things to say on the subject...
1. Nobody can take a guy in capri pants seriously.
2. Nobody can take a guy with a legit butt cut seriously.
3. Nothing about that baseball game was intense... And he compared it to the World Series..Really?
4. Nobody in real life, wears those booty shorts in public. For work out purposes, maybe? Volleyball, maybe??
5. No respectable person goes skinny dipping on National Television. Her Mom should be so proud!
6. Seriously what is up with Courtney's mouth? Can.Not.Handle.It.
7.What guy suggests picking out clothes for each other when their planned date goes bad due to weather?
8. While yes, you need dry clothes, let's go get a drink somewhere would have been a much better option. For me anyways...
9. Ben slightly resembles a turtle. "Turtle, Turtle"... But he also looks like a tennis player, no??
10. I actually liked Ben alot more than I expected. Cut the hair, Lose the capris and we are all good!

And one to grow on.
11. Girl that got sent home ugly cried on national television and snorted. SNORTED. over a guy she knew for like 3 weeks. SNORTED.

And as far as the Kardashians goes, Scott is still shooting his way to the top of my favorite list!! Whodathunkit?? He is so hysterical and precious. Just makes my day to see him turn his life around. Or maybe he's always been this way, they just had to have a bad guy for ratings. Either way. Love him! And The Hump is Dumped, so I never have to see him again. Or hear him bark.

Ladies Night. Just what this gal needed. Good for the Soul.


Over the Weekend..

Over the weekend, not much was accomplished and it was 10 kinds of fabulous. Let me just fill you in:

Drive. Hang out. Eat. Hang out. Bed.
Hang out.  Eat. Hang out. Wedding. Eat. Hang out. Bed.
Eat. Drive. Gym. Cook. Eat. Movie. Movie. Bed.

I am for real. This is exactly how the weekend went. Hang out time at my parents house with a lot of eating. Simple as that, and it could not have been better. And I slept til 10 on Saturday... I can't even explain the fabulousness.

Kendol made the executive decision to hang up his hat on hunting season one hunt early, so we actually headed home right when he got out of the woods Sunday morning. We actually had a Sunday afternoon free??? What? That never happens. So what do we do? We take our first trip to the gym together. Who are we? We have been at the gym at the same time but never worked out together.  I think he did this as a joke. I can not move my upper body. I sort of walk like a mummy today. I know I'm supposed to be sore, but for realz it's uncomfortable just to sit. Hour and a half work out with the hubs... check and check!

P.S. I have become obsessed with my fitness pal. If you are on there look me up. callie_collins

And there you have it folks, the most exciting post of your life!!!

Happy Monday Dolls!



It's Friday!!!
Thank the Good Lord above.
Could this week be any longer?
And just think, I only worked 4 days.
I can't imagine if I had gone to work Monday.
What a nightmare.
Is it 4:40 yet? (yes, I leave early.. I'm a rebel like that)
You're crazy if you think I'm waiting til 5 to deal with that traffic.
Does anybody know how hard it was to go to Keifers and get Hummus and a Side Salad?
Instead of a Pita Mozz and a Curly Fry?
I need a gold medal. Stat.
I ate breakfast everyday this week.
I need another medal.
I've only had 2 cokes all week.
Yep, you guessed it. Another medal, please and thank you!
Speaking of medals, I wonder if my Super Bowl Squares are going to win?
Kendol called earlier to ask if I needed anything from the liquor store.
He's the best. Ever.
What kind of question is that? Reisling, please.
And can you bring it to my cubicle, now? Kidding... Kinda...
Wouldn't that be awesome?
Guess what this weekend is?
The last weekend of deer season.
Guess where we are going?
My parents, duh!!!
Are we predictable or what?
We have a wedding too!!
Party time with Brittney and Sean.
And Meagan Rae's coming home.
Wooooooo Hooooo.
It's still January and almost hot enough to go out on the Rez..
Oooo I can't wait for summer.
How do people have all of these snapshots of just themselves on their blogs?
Do they have secret blog detectives following them around capturing their every cute move?
Outfit of the day posts, I understand. Use a self timer or a remote.
But what about the cute ones outside?
Do these people stage photo shoots?
Who takes their pictures?
Their husbands? Boyfriends?
Kendol would laugh in my face.
It would be most awkward.
I would not be able to take myself seriously.
Maybe we should attempt.
It would make for a most absurd post.
But I'm so jealous, bc everyone's pictures are so cute.
Why does it seem that all things healthy are sweet?
I can't handle that much sweetness.
Breakfast bars. Fruit. Smoothies.
All sweet.
I feel like my teeth are about to fall out from it all.
How do people do these accent vlogs and not want to crawl in a hole?
I attempted one and deleted it immediately.
It was heinous.
Do I really look like that?
Do I really sound like that?
Do I really make all of those faces?
I know I'm very animated, but what the what??
Why are yall friends with me again?
I actually remembered to wear maroon today for Maroon Friday.
Another medal for me!
I'm going to need a trophy case soon.
Just a few more hours of work.
I will need Nelly pandora station.
Crank it up.
I can do this.

Now that you know everything that's going through my head, I will let you take it all in.

Happy Maroon Friday Everyone!!


"The Chair"

Sadly, this is not a post about King George... but I will let you drool over his beauty for a minute.

You areeee Welcome!!

Moving right along...

I would like to introduce you to "The Chair."

This is what "The Chair" looked like when I inherited her from my Great Great Aunt.
Chair... Adorbs.
Material... Not so much.
"The Chair" then sat in our house for 2 and 1/2 years looking like this:

Ok so it's not so bad, but it definitely ain't cute.
Well, Momma and I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and pay to get her recovered... and she is beautiful!! She is in the same spot she was before in our master bedroom. Seriously it makes the room like so much better.

So here is the room that it had to match:

We went with the yellow (of course), the cream and the brownish/grey in the bedspread and kept the pattern simple, since there is already so much going on. And it will not always be in this room nor will it always be used with this bedspread. So here she is:

P.S. these stripes sure were hard to photograph..
Isn't she a beaut???

I just love her!!

Happy Thursday Dolls!!
It's almost Friday!!

Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
1 Thess. 5: 17-18


Dreaming of Spring


Being that it's 65 degrees down here in Mississippi in the middle of January, our fashion is a little off. Trying to still dress wintry in short sleeves is a bit of a challenge and has this girl dreaming of the beautiful colors and trends coming up in spring/summer. And mortified for swim suit season. (Beach twip in less than 2 months...)

First up, a few fab finds to get us through these last winter months.

Love the red/brown combo!

So pretty

Simple.Classic.Love the hat.

And now, for all of the pretty things I am dreaming about!!


Love this without the belt!! (I can't wear those belts... ugh)

So fun!



Loving the fringe... and the pastels!


It's almost swim suit season yikes!!!

How's everyone doing in their journey to being a little more healthy in 2012?? I am a work in progress, but I am definitely doing better than expected. I'm definitely making progress in healthier eating and getting back on track with my workouts. I've also added on cutting back on soft drinks and trying to eat breakfast (hate). So far, this is all going good for me bc the goals are achievable. Notice I use the words "cutting back" and "trying" bc if I mess up one day it's not the end of the world.

And last but most definitely not least...


Over the Weekend.. Memphis

Over the weekend, Mallory and I roadtripped to Memphis for the annual Lisa Lassandrello 5k. And what would a roadtrip be without a Sonic drink... First stop, Sonic... for a drink. Second stop, Sonic.... an hour down the road... to pick up Katie and actually get supper. Yes, we are ridiculous.

Upon our arrival, Leslie already had the air mattress blown up and the wine and cheese ready!! What a hostess. The 4 of us sat around for hours, catching up on the last few months of life before we headed off to bed in preparation for the race the next morning.

We woke up bright and early and headed out for the race... in the freezing cold. When we went to sleep, it was about 65 outside. When we woke up, it was more like 20. When will mother nature figure out that this is not ok with my allergies and sinuses. NOT OK... Anywho, since I have been doing most of my running on the treadmill lately, the frigid air made for an interesting run. (Is it really hard for anyone else to breathe when it's super cold... it hurts)

Bestest Friends from College!
Post Race.
Pardon us.
After the race, we immediately headed to Starbucks for something hot... and dare I let you in on a little secret?? This was my first time there, ha! I am not a coffee drinker at all, so this is not so shocking. Plus we don't have many Starbucks around here. I can think of two in this area, all of the rest closed a few years ago. We have coffee shops called "Cups." So I settled for my favorite drink from Cups... A Hot Chocolate with Caramel and Whip Cream (super healthy, I know).

My very first Starbucks, well documented.
Then it was off to brunch with the entire Lassandrello clan at the Half Shell!

Celebratory Mimosas in honor of Mal's birthday, Yes Please!!
And come to find out, Liz placed in her age group. Duh! She always does. I still can't figure out how in the world she can run so fast... I just can't do it.

We spent our day shopping, of course. Then it was off to Kate and Jack's wedding shower, then on to Beale Street, where we did a little booty shakin' at B.B. Kings. Songs included: The Train, Mrs. Jackson, Hey Ya, Yea!... etc!! Legit Throwback Dance Party!!

The Birthday Gal, Mal.

Ladies in Green.


Jack's Favorite Gift, The Bobber (floating cooler).

Bridesmaid Pic!!

And this is what happens the night ends with Free Willy playing!

Sorry guys... too funny not to share!

Even the guy at the bar got a little excited!
On Sunday, we headed back to our hometown and I helped throw a wedding shower for my cousin Brittney, who is getting married on Saturday!! Then back to Jackson, we went. By the time we got home, I was ex-haust-ed... Actually, I don't even think exhausted is the right word... beyond... But I walked in to a spotless house and a pot of homemade gumbo on the stove. Seriously yall, Kendol had cleaned both bathrooms, done 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and straitened up our bedroom... Seriously, he is the best!!

Needless to say, when the alarm went off on Monday there was no way I was getting up. Between the Allergy/Sinus business going on from the temperature changes and the exhaustion, I spent the day in the bed watching The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But, I'm back and ready for action!!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!
(see you can tell I have been watching the Kardashians)


Does Everybody Know What Time It Is???

(Yes, I'm aware my post title was very similar on Wednesday... Sorry about that. Just the way it all worked out)


Nooooo not really...
I'm not channeling my innner Pamela Anderson today...
I'm channeling my inner Wilderness Girl of Beverly Hills

As in girl scout cookie time... the most wonderful time of the year!
(besides Christmas, football season, summer, crawfish season.... etc)

Sadly, I'm here to report there are no longer any lemon pastry creams... boo..

Now if you've never seen Troop Beverly Hills (or if you just want to get in the spirit) please, for the love of the cookies, watch the video!! It'll have your mouth waterin' and your booty shakin' in your cubicle in no time!! O man, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen this movie and it never gets old. I get just as excited every year to watch this clip.... loser alert!

Also, it's

On this weekend each year, my college friends all meet up in Memphis for the annual Lisa Lassandrello 5k. To read more about it and why I started running in the first place, see HERE and HERE.

Not that I don't see them many more times throughout the year than this one weekend, it is the one guaranteed weekend that most everyone will be in the same place, at the same time WOO HOO!

T- 4.5 hours and we're off to Memphis!

I hope yall have a fabulous weekend and order an abundance of cookies!!


Thursdays Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts on this Thursday... and I by random, I mean ridiculous.

1. This is most ridiculous, but I have seriously been thinking about it since last night. Pajama Pants... Is it just me or are they always too short? I buy mine a size big bc there's no need for pj pants to fit (the bigger the better, right???) and I know they are going to shrink a little. Seriously, where do you tall people get your pajama pants?? The men's section? Bc I'm only 5'7 and mine always end up being too short after one wash, so I know yall's have to be.

2. How adorable and awesome was Phillip Phillips last night on American Idol... I die!! He should win, hands down. Youtube him... fo real! I've been doing it all morning. Well, Hello there Dave Matthews, Jr....

3. I feel like a Kardashian today. Boots to my knees and a giant tribal sweater... all I need is some junk in the trunk and a baller on my arm then I'd be set.

4. Speaking of Kardashians... how ticked would you be, if you were Khloe, about these rumors of O.J. Simpson being her real Daddy... Ummmm the reason it's questioned of her not being a Kardashian is because of her lighter skin color... So how in the world would it make sense for her real Daddy to be black instead of Armenian... Idiots....

5. Speaking of Kardashians again.... Who would have ever thought that Scott Disick would become one of my very favorites. How precious is he these days?? Not drinking did that guy some major good!

6. My Great Great Aunt's chair that I sent to be recovered is back!! And it's awesome.... Squealllllssss....

More pictures to come of what it looks like in the room... Just have to clean first... Duh!!
7. Justified has started back and it's awesome! If you don't watch, you should. Raylan Givens... Whew!!! That cowboy hat...

8. Speaking of cowboy hats... Anyone watch 90210??? Austin..

9. It is driving me nuts that I do not have an equal number of thoughts, so this is just a filler... Does anyone else do this?? I'm so weird. Everything has to be even for me... when I decorate everything has to be balanced... when I make a list it has to be a certain number... when I run it has to be a certain mileage and time... Can't end on a random number..

OOOOO thought of something I wanted to share... last night at the gym... so ridiculous... I spent 35 minutes on the elyptical while watching Man Vs. Food (5lb Chili Cheese Dog and Fries in 20 mins) and Worlds Best Fair Food... Do you know how hard it is to exercise while drooling over chicken on a stick and fried pickles... also I watched two highschool boys practice their breakdancing in the aerobics room (so random)... That is way cooler and more fun than the elyptical... Not to mention I was tired and just flat out not in the mood. Needless to say, the workout was mizzz, but it's in the books. That's all that matters, right??

10. And last but not least, if you've had a bad week like me, hopefully this will help you like it has me!! My friend Meagan Rae put this on facebook the other day and I have gone back and read it 1,000 times.


You Know What Time It Is!!



Let's have a little fun with something home decorating ideas, shall we!!

Perfection!! The farm table... the wall color!!

The Farm Table... The Light... The Wood Floors!! So fun.

Church Pew on the Porch!! Obsessed..

I love an iron bed!! My Grandaddy used to make them. Love the use of teal.

Source: flickr.com via Callie on Pinterest

The blue with the melon and cream stripe!! Perfect with not being over the top girly.

Lurve a Good Bookcase!

Source: brides.com via Callie on Pinterest


Genius Idea..
Make your Shenanigans Look Classy!!

Adorbs... I would die for a yellow couch!

Brick Wall!

Simple. Classic. Toile (my fav). Chocolate. Lurve...

Love the Teal and Yellow... And the bookshelves!!


How is everyone doing with their resolutions?? I am keeping up with mine better than I ever have. If you need a refresher, mine were to actually use my Erin Condren planner, Start running again and eat semi-healthy at least one meal a day. A few others I have been trying to work on are cutting back on my soft drink intake and to start eating breakfast. Why am I apparently the only one who hates eating breakfast?? Why add more calories to the day and start your day feeling fat. I love feeling skinny until at least lunch!!! But alas, I ate breakfast this morning, since I'm "supposed" to and all.... GGGRRRR....

If you don't do this, please start!!
It seriously helps.
If I don't have a workout of semi-healthy meal to write down, I get mad at myself.

So Just a little more motivation to keep us all going!!!

And we will end this journey down Pinterest Lane with a few things fabulous!

Source: elle.com via Callie on Pinterest

So fresh!


Until Next Time... Happy Pinning!!!