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Pardon me... but my pins have ABSOLUTELY no theme.
Here we go!!

Genius. Island with Cubbies for Laundry Baskets in Laundry Room

Precious Wreath for Fal
Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Yummy!! Asparagus Tarts

Love this Yellow Scarf and How it's Tied.


Genius and So Cute!

So True!! Love Mississippi

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And last, but more certainly not least... Go Dawgs!!!!!
1 day... 9 hours... 15 minutes until kickoff!!


Monday Must Haves

Ok, over the weekend, I ran across all kinds of fun things that, in my opinion, are must haves.

1. "Heaven is For Real"  
I don't read books that often bc I am one of those that has to have complete silence or else I get distracted by things I would much rather be doing. But... every once in a while I run across something that really intrigues me and I'll try it out. Every book I've ever read, outside of highschool must reads, I have read in 2-3 sittings. I love it. I just never have time. This is only a handful of books though. I could seriously count on my fingers the number of books I have read for the fun of it. These are Heaven is For Real, The Help and Nicholas Sparks books (which I read as fast as I can and cry the entire time.. fantastic). The Help I read bc it is based on the town and Jr. League (that I hope to be a part of one day soon.. no it's no longer like it was in the movie) where I live now and the movie was filmed in my hometown. It was fab.
Anywho, on to Heaven is For Real. (yes, I realize the entire paragraph prior to this sentence was completely unecessary.) I bought the book on Tuesday. Read about 30 pages twice during the week and read the entire rest of the book yesterday afternoon. It is such an sweet little, matter of fact description of what a 4 year old says Heaven looks like!! O what a magical time that will be, to actually see what heaven looks like! It's a must read. Simple, Easy, Feel Good reading material.

2. The Women's Going Out Blouse
It is the peftect little silk blouse to tuck in any bottoms you might want to wear. I have been looking stores up and down for silk tank tops and blouses to tuck in high wasted shorts and skirts for the fall. Also, these are perfect for work!! It comes in all kinds of fun colors. Black, Red, Cream, Purple, Royal Blue and a few polka dot prints

Who knew all I had to do was go to Old Navy for something I have been trying to find all over this crazy town.

Old Navy Silk Top

3. Shoes for Football Season
Ok, so call us southerner crazy for dressing up for football games, but we do. I do this too, but I am practical about it. The key is to always be comfortable, but still cute. This does not mean wearing 5 inch heels to tailgate all day and stand at a ballgame.(crazies)These girls that do this are so silly. Find some cute wedges, boots and flats. And please do not wear a skirt so short and tight that you can't bend over without showing your hiney. Mizzzz... We're drinking beer people... and stuffing our faces with the best junk food in the world.. let's get serious..

My two must haves for this football season, I found on Saturday. I purchased a pair of camel wedges (much like the ones above) that should match anything I might need them too. I also found a pair of flat boots that I like. They come in brown and black. I wish the brown was a little more camel bc I don't wear much "brown." But it does look like it is ok to kind of mix up blacks and browns... which used to be a big fashion police no no. So I may take the risk and see if I can pull it off or I may just get the black bc everything in my closet is black.

4. Scarves
O how I love scarves!! Always have... Always will. I have on on now and it's 94 degrees outside. I wear them to work all the time bc they double as blankets. See, in my cubicle it is like a meat freezer. I keep a fleece jacket at my desk, then if I wear a dress I always wear a scarf so I have a blanket for my legs ha! This isn't why I love scarves though.They are the best accessory. They can make anything fun. I cannot resist them. Plus they are (usually) and inexpensive accessory that you can pair with tons of different things.

Anywho, I guess that's enough must haves for a day!!


Touchdowns & Tiaras

Alright folks, you are looking at the newest member of the Fantasy Football League. I have joined an all girls league with some of my great friends. I have always made fun of Kendol for doing this bc it gets so ridiculous during games trying to keep up with everything, but I finally gave in.

Team Name:
Touchdowns -n- Tiaras 
(from Toddlers & Tiaras)
(the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity)
Just call us "TnT" for short...BOOOOM!!

TnT To The Top
(From the University of Southern Mississippi's slogan SMTTT- Souther Miss To The Top)


When I start coming up with this kind of stuff, I start to take it to the wwwaaayyyy next level. I love coming up with stuff like this and then I can't decide which names and slogans I want to use and I get stressed.

Example: I first googled football slang/terminology to start brain storming on team names... The first funny thing I came accross was "slobber knocker." What is a "slobber knocker" you ask? It is a particularly gruesome tackle in the game of football. I died out laughing when I saw this term and immediately came up with the name "CC's Slobber Knockers" Hysterical!! (CC being my initials, of course). Then I ran across the term "punt, pass & kick" like the highshool punt, pass & kick competition. My friend Mary Kathryn's team is called "Pigskins & Pantyhose." So, this immediately triggered my girly side and I came up with "Punt, Pass & Priss" as a fun slogan. Such as "Punt, Pass & Prissing my way  to the Top."... I'm telling you, when I start doing these things I get way too crazy... So then this triggered the SMTTT slogan and somehow I cam up with "Touchdowns and Tiaras To The Top," which then triggered the thought of a girly football and here I am with a pink sequin football picture.

I am still not 100% sold on this bc I still find "CC's Slobber Knockers" to be HIGH-LARIOUS!! It would just require an explanation constantly, but would be worth it. And I'm not 100% sold bc I am not a girly girl/pink/sequin type person (unless we're talking fashion), so it's a little out of my comfort zone ha!

So now it's time to start "grinding for my team" as we say at Mississippi State. (We'll call it "glitter grind") Ok... I swear I'm going to stop now...

Must go study some draft kits and roster rankings and see who I should draft to my fabulous team. Thank goodness none of us know what we're doing.

Enough with the girliness, it's time to get serious.

Off to grind,
Ta Ta


Mini Me?

Ok... so ever since these pictures came out of Vanessa Hudgens with this chopped off hair, I have been trying to figure out who she looked just like... I have finally figured it out.

Kris Jenner                                         Vanessa Hudgens

I mean they look identical. At least we know what Vanessa will look like when she gets older. Goodness... they look like twinsies. We shall call them Krinessa!

And let's just say, I wouldn't mind looking like Kris Jenner as I get older (not that you are old Kris... I know you're sensitive about this.. I think you're FAB)... or have her wardrobe... or her money.. you know.. I could live with all that!

That is all.

Free Food for a Fatty on this Thankful Thursday

Please join me in starting this new link up with precious Meg at Henning Love. She is just the sweetest and wants to start a Thankful Thursday Link Up. All you need to do is *what your thankful for... at the top of your post, then continue on with whatever it is you wanted to talk about in your regular blogspot for the day. SIMPLE! So here goes!!

** On this Thursday, I am thankful for real food, not diet food (well food in general really) and nice people that make your day!!

Keep on reading and you'll see why!

So today started just like any other day... Roll out of bed and rush to get ready, half asleep... Drive 35 minutes to work... Same Ole Same Ole.


Not just a same ole Thursday here...Once I got in the car, my day was made and it just keeps getting better :)

On the way to work, Kendol called and said Dan Mullen (MS State's football coach) would be on 105.9 after the commercial break. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Perfect way to start off this fabulous Thursday morning. A little football talk to get me even more excited than I already am about our season starting 1 week from today. GO DAWGS!!

Next, Kendol went to the dentist at 8 to officially get his "tooth" put in. If you are wondering what happened with said "tooth," please find out HERE!! (HYSTERICAL). We will be going out to dinner tonight to "celebrate" him not having to take his tooth out in public ever again haha! Believe me the story is worth reading.

Then, at 8:45 I innocently tweeted "O what I would give for some @lostpizza in Jackson... Yes, it's only 8:45 a.m. and I'm thinking about pizza... #dontjudge #thebest." Yes, I am a fatty (who has been on one of those 3 days out of the week diets with Kendol... that come to find out is a scam) and was thinking dreaming of a Cheesy Loaf appetizer and a pizza with pepperonis, onions and bell peppers from said Pizza Company. So... you say... go get a pizza for lunch.. Problem: this pizza is 2 hours away (all 3 locations) and nothing around these parts compares to it, in my opinion. Then @EatJxn, a man who does a food blog for Jackson restaurants and surrouding areas, tweeted me back and said he had heard of it, but had not had a chance to try it. I simply replied and said if you are ever near one, it is a MUST EAT!!
Next thing I know... I got a direct message and am getting a gift certificate in the mail, just because I said something nice. How sweet is he???

This reminded me of Amy's "Say Something Nice" BLOG from yesterday!! Saying something nice can bring very unexpected results/rewards. I never thought twice about saying something nice about my favorite pizza place and definitely didn't expect anything out of it!! So, I challenge everyone to say something nice to someone today and see how it rewards you. For hungry little me, it got me free food that I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to eat. For you, it could simply bring a smile to someone's face or it could change their entire day or outlook on life... You just never know!!

(At this point, I went to pinterest to find a clever pin about being kind.. I found too many to narrow down to 1, so here they all are)

Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest


Source: None via Callie on Pinterest

And yes, this day does keep getting better. I just drank a sprite and I'm going on a lunch date with my MalPal (aka my friend Mallory) (CalPal/MalPal... get it??... moving on) and I get to eat anything I want for the first time since Sunday! Let's just say these diets are not for me.

Anywho... Go... BE KIND!!!


O How Pinteresting



It seems to be the big craze... everywhere but Mississippi. I love it and have nowhere to buy it!! I have seen a few pieces around town, but nothing like these.

Source: tumblr.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: None via Callie on Pinterest

On to the next!!
Other Awesome Random Things!
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Just Another Weekend in Mississippi

Just another weekend in Mississippi, consisting of: Motorcycle Men, Mullets, Margaritas, the Garage, Steel Magnolias, Jug Fishing and Changing Flat Tires..

Just a few reasons why this MS weekend was Fab:

~Friday night dinner at Shuckers. Can't beat some good ole bar food and ice cold beer with a side of Motorcylce Men, Mullets and Mother Shuckers (their signature slushy drink).

~ As always, the night ended with a gathering in the garage/driveway. See, since our dog Delta (aka Tornado) is absolutely Cray-Cray, we can't hang out in our backyard, where most normal people hang out (of inside... but what's the fun in that?). We have to use our garage/driveway. I'm sure our neighbors just love us to death.. not!

~On Saturday morning, Katie arrived and us gals headed out to grub on some mexican food, with a side of margaritas!!

~Then it was on too shopping... bargain shopping, of course, at Old Navy and the 30% off 10th Birthday sale at MiGi's. Because let's face it, if it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon, it's not getting bought (unless it's to die for, of course.. or a good dress... or a good pair of jeans).

Now, please allow me to tell you of the most heavenly t-shirt known to man. It's super dooper light weight, not tight and soft.
The perfect shirt to wear with skinny jeans, shorts or even a skirt. I got it in a dark grey and a dark olive green. I wore the green one yesterday, and I will be going back to get most every color. They are a little thin, so the white is too see-through (bummer), but all of the other colors should be fine. Yes, I know it's just a t-shirt, but on those casual days when you want to be super comfy, but still cute, it's perfect. Throw on a scarf or long necklace and you'll be good to go.

Old Navy T- Shirt

~ After a few bargain purchases, it was on to Sonic happy hour (nothing makes Greenwood, MS girls happier than a Sonic Coke... it's the simple things in life) and then the pool. (Only to be rained out after 45 minutes).

~Then it was on to Girls Night Out at Pan Asia.... YUM... then we met back up with the boys (in the garage, of course haha) when the got home from "jug fishing"... whatever that is?? And, we proceeded to have some very entertaining convos (which I cannot repeat), catch up time and changing of a flat tire at 1:30 in the morning... It's so hot here, Katie's tire, literally, melted to the drain on our street. When she moved her car it ripped her tire... Seriously... it has got to cool off a little. This is cra-zy.

~I can't tell you how fantastic and needed this girls day was (not so good on my pocket book, though)!! I can't even remember the last time I had a good girls day out like this. I loved every second of it and can't wait until the next. I mean who doesn't love mexican food, margaritas, bargain shopping, the pool and sushi with your favorite gals??

~Sunday... was a day of rest, literally. Kendol, who is up with the sun, slept until 11:45... He has NEVER done that since I've known him. Then the day consisted of lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (yum), Steel Magnolias and Titanic on tv (favs) (Seriously, were the tv God's trying to depress us all), caught up on Glee (which I cried at also... poor Mercedes being sad about not having a date to prom... girl I know how you felt), a 3 mile walk (in the rain...), steaks & baked potatoes and then we ended the night watching "The Switch." Pretty cute.

Not that you cared about any of that... But that's my Fabulous MS weekend re-cap!!

Can't wait for Liz and Katie to come back in two weeks for more girl time, while the boys are dove hunting!!


Fill in the Blank Friday

It's been a few weeks since I have done a "Fill in the Blank Friday." So, as soon as I went to check out the questions and saw that the picture for the week was a Sunflower, I knew it was a must! Just what I needed to put a smile on my face this Friday afternoon, as I wait for work to to end for the week. Sunflowers are my favorite!! Then.... I got to question 5.. make my day!

Play along HERE!

1. My idea of pure perfection would be if the weekends and weekdays swapped roles. I think five days off is well deserved after 2 days of work!! :)

2. Family, Friends & Laughter make the world go 'round.

3. If it weren't for taxes (or my shopping addiction) I might have some money.

4. Bloggers are all so creative and so much fun!! It's like it's on sweet little friend community.

5. If I had a million dollars... I'd be rich!!! (in the words of BareNaked Ladies). This made me smile so big, I used to LOVE this song. No, but seriously, if I had a million dollars, I would buy a bigger house and pay off my car.

6. I'm glad it's Friday because I'm pooped! And tomorrow is girls day. Mani/Pedis/Lunch and possibly some shopping and pool time. Can't beat it!

7. Something I'm excited about is FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Less than 2 weeks to go.


Football Fashion

MS State Football

I used Mississippi State Colors, of course, but Lauren Conrad's line at Kohls has some very similar navy polka dot shorts for all you Ole Miss fans!! I have them and they fit really cute.

Ole Miss Football

The countdown continues...
2 weeks until game day!!


O How Pinteresting


Ok so my sweet, precious friends Katie and Chris got engaged a few weeks ago... FINALLY!!!!! And she asked if I would help with some ideas for the decorating. She wants pretty/simple/southern but with some fun colors since it's in May! So, that's all my pinterest has consisted of this week and I love it!! I love a wedding, especially a southern one.

Katie and Chris!!
P.S. I'm pretty sure all of my pinterest followers think I have absolutely lost it with all of these bouquets and wedding pics, since I'm already married and all. Never fear folks... just getting some ideas!!

Source: tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Now On To Other Awesome Things I Found This Week:

Source: None via Callie on Pinterest

Source: None via Callie on Pinterest