Free Food for a Fatty on this Thankful Thursday

Please join me in starting this new link up with precious Meg at Henning Love. She is just the sweetest and wants to start a Thankful Thursday Link Up. All you need to do is *what your thankful for... at the top of your post, then continue on with whatever it is you wanted to talk about in your regular blogspot for the day. SIMPLE! So here goes!!

** On this Thursday, I am thankful for real food, not diet food (well food in general really) and nice people that make your day!!

Keep on reading and you'll see why!

So today started just like any other day... Roll out of bed and rush to get ready, half asleep... Drive 35 minutes to work... Same Ole Same Ole.


Not just a same ole Thursday here...Once I got in the car, my day was made and it just keeps getting better :)

On the way to work, Kendol called and said Dan Mullen (MS State's football coach) would be on 105.9 after the commercial break. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Perfect way to start off this fabulous Thursday morning. A little football talk to get me even more excited than I already am about our season starting 1 week from today. GO DAWGS!!

Next, Kendol went to the dentist at 8 to officially get his "tooth" put in. If you are wondering what happened with said "tooth," please find out HERE!! (HYSTERICAL). We will be going out to dinner tonight to "celebrate" him not having to take his tooth out in public ever again haha! Believe me the story is worth reading.

Then, at 8:45 I innocently tweeted "O what I would give for some @lostpizza in Jackson... Yes, it's only 8:45 a.m. and I'm thinking about pizza... #dontjudge #thebest." Yes, I am a fatty (who has been on one of those 3 days out of the week diets with Kendol... that come to find out is a scam) and was thinking dreaming of a Cheesy Loaf appetizer and a pizza with pepperonis, onions and bell peppers from said Pizza Company. So... you say... go get a pizza for lunch.. Problem: this pizza is 2 hours away (all 3 locations) and nothing around these parts compares to it, in my opinion. Then @EatJxn, a man who does a food blog for Jackson restaurants and surrouding areas, tweeted me back and said he had heard of it, but had not had a chance to try it. I simply replied and said if you are ever near one, it is a MUST EAT!!
Next thing I know... I got a direct message and am getting a gift certificate in the mail, just because I said something nice. How sweet is he???

This reminded me of Amy's "Say Something Nice" BLOG from yesterday!! Saying something nice can bring very unexpected results/rewards. I never thought twice about saying something nice about my favorite pizza place and definitely didn't expect anything out of it!! So, I challenge everyone to say something nice to someone today and see how it rewards you. For hungry little me, it got me free food that I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to eat. For you, it could simply bring a smile to someone's face or it could change their entire day or outlook on life... You just never know!!

(At this point, I went to pinterest to find a clever pin about being kind.. I found too many to narrow down to 1, so here they all are)

Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest


Source: None via Callie on Pinterest

And yes, this day does keep getting better. I just drank a sprite and I'm going on a lunch date with my MalPal (aka my friend Mallory) (CalPal/MalPal... get it??... moving on) and I get to eat anything I want for the first time since Sunday! Let's just say these diets are not for me.

Anywho... Go... BE KIND!!!


  1. aww how sweet!! I love your post!! Yes, its very important to be kind to others!!

  2. freaking awesome start to your morning!! fun things like that definitely make the day seem better. enjoy your free pizza!

  3. LOVE that... Makes me so happy for you!

  4. Hey!!! free food is always a plus and being kind to others is even better. God blessed you with your fav pizza! Looks like you're going on a road trip!