Hatfields & McCoys

Raise your hand if you've been stuck watching the Hatfields & McCoys three night special this week? Well, I have... And let me just tell you that all I knew of the H and C's is that they are in a Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings song and well.. that's all I really ever cared to know about them.

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys
Between Hank Williams' pain songs and
Newberry's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Now that I have that awesome song stuck in your head, I shall continue on.

I am not knocking the classic western but I have never been able to watch them. Maybe it's the onesies?? Maybe it's the horrific attempts at southern accents?? (those can ruin any movie for me) or just maybe the horrific acting and effects of the old days? But alas... I have to watch them because they are Kendol's favorite. What a fantastic little wifey I am. Bonus Points!! Cha-Ching.

Any who, back to the topic in discussion. This is a new version so I couldn't complain about all of the above. Except the onesies... The onesies are still being sported!
I can not take anyone serious in a onesie..

But seriously, this is the most confusing thing I've ever had to watch. I have no idea who is who, and I'm pretty sure Kendol is regretting making me watch it with him bc I am annoying the crap out of him with questions. They need to color coordinate so I know who is in which team family.. perhaps color coordinated onesies?? Just an idea. You know, usually there are two different ethnicities fighting... or at least there is an indian on one team to clarify... Or they have uniforms...or symbols.. something! In this one, everyone looks alike. For real.

Suppposedly, they explained the back story on the feud between the families at the beginning, but I must have zoned that out because all I have seen is that a boy from one family and a girl from another fell in love and got pregnant. This brought the whole family feud back to surface.

And Kendol also roped me into this claiming there was a love story involved. The love story between those two last abouuuut 2 minutes. All I've got to say is that a lot better happen in the last hour. Instead of just killing off those two, the entire families are killing each other and those two love birds are about the only ones left in either family... Makes no sense.

And Kendol keeps talking about Kevin Costner... 
I have yet to see him and we are five hours in.

When you say Kevin Costner, I need this:

Not this..

Atleast, there is this guy:


"Maxi"mum Cuteness

My love for the Maxi Skirt/Dress is no secret and it is spiraling out of control. 
And for good reason.. seriously, just look at these beauties.

Source: draugiem.lv via Callie on Pinterest

Source: rorybeca.com via Callie on Pinterest

Ok.. Ok.. You get the point. They are perfect. They are gorgeous.

Happy Wednesday!!


Over the Weekend

Right after lunch on Friday, we took off to Memphis for the Horton/Jones wedding festivities. These two have been together longer than Kendol and I and we have been married almost three years. To say that we have all been anxious for this day is an understatement, but the wait was well worth it. Everything was beautiful and simple, exactly how I would imagine it to have been for these two. The wedding was held in Memphis, so we kicked off the weekend's festivities with a rehearsal then had a bar b q at the Cotton Museum of Memphis.

The building that the wedding and reception were held in was gorgeous: Wood floors. Brick walls. Exposed ceilings. There was burlap used. And mason jars. Gorgeous distressed frames with adorable pictures of the two of them and their precious dogs. And what is a delta wedding without Smiley and the Young Guns? There were lots of laughs. Lots of catch up stories. Lots of great food. A few too many drinks. Lots of dancing. And some photo booth fun!!

Quite possibly the most ridiculous picture we've ever taken?
Posed, of course!
Kendol and Colby hanging at Silky's while the gals were doing wedding day festivities.

We decided to stay an extra night in Memphis since it was a holiday weekend and enjoy ourselves a little bit. We headed to brunch with our friend Brad and then spent the day in the pool catching up with some of Kendol's best friends. Then it was on to date night at Texas de Brazil. YUM! I ate filet and cheesecake until my little heart was content. 

Monday was a day of rest... and I spent it being as American as I could possibly be. Remember the blow up  pool we thought was a great idea at Wal-mart last weekend?? Yea, turns out that thing is perfection. Mary Kathryn and I laid out for hours, in American Flag bathing suits... Duh! I am now toasted and loving it. 


And last but most certainly not least...



Friday's Letters

{Dear Readers}
I am over at Simple Little Joys today blogging about my summer style must-haves!! Do y'all all read her blog? It's the best!! Seriously, GO READ IT :) You can thank me later.

{Dear Work}
Catch ya on da flip side... I'm outty!! Heading to Memphis for the long weekend to celebrate.
See ya Tuesday.
See ya Tuesday.
See ya Tuesday.
(Anybody else used to watch Two-A-Days on MTV?)
(..... O, that was just me....)

{Dear 30 Day Challenge}
You don't scare me one bit. I beez kickin' yo azzzz... (not sure where the ghetto talk came in to play... sometimes it just happens.. this is normal for me) 6 days in and six 5 days of perfection on my part. (I overslept this morning... but not worries, I shall get that workout in somehow) I've even gotten up 3 mornings before work to workout. That should count double, right? Here's to the next 24 days!!

{Dear Phillip}
Could you have been any more precious on Wednesday night? I think not. I cannot wait for your cd to come out. Stay humble, my friend.

{Dear Temperature}
Could you be any closer to hell already? It's not even June yet. I almost Wednesday afternoon on my run. If you could chill out just a little, that would be fantabulous.

{Dear Jewelry Lovers}
I know there are lots of you out there, so don't miss out the Stella and Dot Memorial Day Sale!! They have added extra pieces in honor of Memorial Day. One of your favorite pieces may just be up to 50% off. Happy Shopping :)

{Dear Katie and Chris}
I cannot wait for your wedding festivities to begin in just a few short hours. I cannot believe it's FINALLY here!! About time :)

{Dear Bestest Friends}
I get to see you in a few.... HOURS!!

{Dear Memphis}
Hot Mess Express heading your way.
Get ready!



Pizza or Pinterest?

Why not both?
Technically the idea of the pizza came from pinterest anyways!! 
On Monday night, I made a skinny pizza. 
Yep, you read that right... Skinny Pizza.
The recipe below was less than 500 calories.

Skinny Pizza
1 8in. Whole Wheat Tortilla
1/4 cup 100% Natural Prego Pizza Sauce
Red and Green Bell Pepper
Red Onion
Turkey Pepperonis
Pizza Cheese
Feta Cheese

Make pizza to your likings. Bake for about 10 minutes on 300. Broil for a minute or so to crisp your pepperonis, if you wish!

Moving right along to some Pinterest Funnies about the South!

And... this just made me smile.

Happy Wednesday!!


Over the Weekend..

Friday... Friday was frantic. Shockingly, we were allowed to leave work at four, which made my afternoon so much better considering I had a party starting at 5:00. I am happy to report that the Launch party went just swell!!! Thanks so much to all of my family, friends and co-workers for supporting me on this new venture. I really think it's going to be fantastic!

On Saturday, Kendol and I headed up to Mudbugs for one of our last crawfish trips of the season, which resulted in a spontaneous trip deer camp for the night. That's always a good time.. 
Beer, Burgers & Best Friends.. Yes, please!!

Delta getting in a little swim.

Kendol getting in a little swim..
I mean who can pass up a kiddie pool at Wal-Mart with these blazin' temps?
Not us, apparently!!
Fishing shirt and boots are always a must..

Sunday was spent relaxing and playing with Baby Carter. Precious, precious little thing.
And last but most certainly not least...
Drum Roll Please

I, Callie Collins, woke up on Monday morning and exercised.
I have to say, it wasn't that bad.
Sleep would have been much better.
But, all in all, not so bad. 

Let's dominate this week ladies and gents!!

P.S. My Stella and Dot party is still open for business online for anyone interested!!!
Feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think!
Want some free jewelry?? Who doesn't love a good excuse for a girls night?
I will be happy to host a par-tay for you!!


Shake It Out

Shake it Out ~ Florence + the Machine

Ann-Hamilton and I went home last night for the dance recital and I introduced her to this song. I seriously, think we listened to it 10 times. When I woke up this morning, I was still singing this line. Funny how God talks to us :)

Put on the full armor of God, so that you take your stand against the devil's schemes. 
~Ephesians 6:11

Have a great weekend everybody!!


Today's A Good Day

Why is today a good day? 

First and foremost, our sweet friends Cody and Krista had a baby boy yesterday and Mother and son are doing perfectly. Carter is just the most precious thing ever and Kaitlyn is already well on her way to being best big sister of all times. She was already trying to change diapers yesterday... Crazy girl! I told her that when the day comes when we have a child, she is welcome to come over for diaper duty any time she wants.

Can't wait to see him again
Secondly, it's dance recital day!! And we all know that Dance Recital Day is one of my most favorite days of the year.... And if you didn't already know that, now you do!! I just love it and plus I get to take off work early... I mean, that's always a plus. This is the next to last one EVER for my parents after almost thirty years strait. Kind of sad to think about.

Little Sisters Bad A!

And last but most certainly not least, this is a good day bc I will be listening/watching this for the rest of the day.... Drooool. My favorite singing one of my all times favorite tunes? Yes, please!!!

BONUS: The Magnolia Pair is having one heck of a give-away on her precious blog! The Serenity Necklace by Stella and Dot. Holy Cow!!


My Favorite Color- Part 2

As most of you well know, my very favorite color is yellow but when it comes to home decor there is one color that draws me in every single time.

Source: houzz.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

And one to grow on, just because it's fabulous!!