Friday's Letters

{Dear Readers}
I am over at Simple Little Joys today blogging about my summer style must-haves!! Do y'all all read her blog? It's the best!! Seriously, GO READ IT :) You can thank me later.

{Dear Work}
Catch ya on da flip side... I'm outty!! Heading to Memphis for the long weekend to celebrate.
See ya Tuesday.
See ya Tuesday.
See ya Tuesday.
(Anybody else used to watch Two-A-Days on MTV?)
(..... O, that was just me....)

{Dear 30 Day Challenge}
You don't scare me one bit. I beez kickin' yo azzzz... (not sure where the ghetto talk came in to play... sometimes it just happens.. this is normal for me) 6 days in and six 5 days of perfection on my part. (I overslept this morning... but not worries, I shall get that workout in somehow) I've even gotten up 3 mornings before work to workout. That should count double, right? Here's to the next 24 days!!

{Dear Phillip}
Could you have been any more precious on Wednesday night? I think not. I cannot wait for your cd to come out. Stay humble, my friend.

{Dear Temperature}
Could you be any closer to hell already? It's not even June yet. I almost Wednesday afternoon on my run. If you could chill out just a little, that would be fantabulous.

{Dear Jewelry Lovers}
I know there are lots of you out there, so don't miss out the Stella and Dot Memorial Day Sale!! They have added extra pieces in honor of Memorial Day. One of your favorite pieces may just be up to 50% off. Happy Shopping :)

{Dear Katie and Chris}
I cannot wait for your wedding festivities to begin in just a few short hours. I cannot believe it's FINALLY here!! About time :)

{Dear Bestest Friends}
I get to see you in a few.... HOURS!!

{Dear Memphis}
Hot Mess Express heading your way.
Get ready!



  1. Just came over from the link up, adorable blog!!! Have fun in Memphis :)

  2. Oh my goodness...wasn't Phillip the sweetest?! He melted my heart beyond repair. So love him!!
    Have fun in Memphis!!

  3. Okay, so I've been missing me some Callie! Time to get up to date!