Can't Handle It

This week has just been filled with so much goodness, I just can't even handle it!!

First of all, the cuteness running rampant in my family is out of control!! Pardon me while I brag.
I'm telling you.. I can't even handle it.

Hayes at the Splash Park!
Her laugh just makes me melt.

Hayes and cousin Farrell at Mother's Day in their new chairs from Maw Maw.

Jonny and Lawson being too cute for words at the Zoo

Kaylis and Lawson at the Zoo!
Secondly, my first love just gets better with age... 

Seriously, could he be any more precious???

I prefer him with no arm candy... Get out of here!
Speaking of the Met Gala... Nina Dobrev... O My-Lanta Girl... The dress. Her figure. The hair... Love it! 

I received my first ever package from Stella and Dot... and I am in love!! 

And last but MOST CERTAINLY not least, we took a little trip to Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday night only to discover that you can get VINEGAR AND SALT SEASONING on our french fries!!!!!!! What the....??? Why have I not known this for the past five years. I have never eaten a WHOLE order of fries that fast in my life. I have to go back for more immediately.



  1. LOL! You crack me up! I can't handle salt & vinegar! Le bebes are adorable!!!

  2. Haha JT is such a hottie, he has definitely come a long way from the ringlet curls, cornrows, and full denim outfits of his Nsync days! Nina Dobrev killed it on the red carpet at the Met Gala- wow! Now I need a trip to Buffalo wild wings stat- those fires look delicious!

  3. Vinegar and Salt Fries? That sounds like heavennnn, I'll just have to try

  4. what sweet photos callie!! so precious

  5. Oh JT! You're right he looks way better without JB! Did you hear that he is curating StyleMint's newest line HomeMint? It's a home decor line.. kind of random but I haven't checked it out yet. If only he hand delivered to your house?! Also, I agree with you on the Salt and Vinegar fries.. they are SO good!

  6. Haha that second part made me laugh- he was totes my first love too!

    And yes, the cuteness in your family is out of control!

    xoxo, Emily

  7. This makes me happy. SO very happy. PS...you're totally doing the Color Run with me in Memphis in October. Okay, good, glad you agree!