{Dear Nashville}


{Dear America}
I am so sad with your decision to send Skylar home on American Idol. You better be glad I was in the middle of a kick*ss surprise baby shower, or else I probably would have acted a fool. But then again, I'm kind of glad she didn't win and get stuck with all those crazy AI contracts.. I'm still mad at you though.

{Dear Skylar}
All of us in Brandon and the rest of Mississippi are so proud of you!! You are everywhere around here. You are going to love it! I even spotted you on the newspaper holders downtown. Hurry home and get to mudbustin'!! P.S. How awesome that Carrie Underwood tweeted you and said to hurry to Nashville. You are going to be a star!

{Dear America... Again}
Chris Harrison just announced that he and his wife of 18 years are getting a divorce. Please cool it on the "will he be the next bachelor" stupidness... 18 years people. I'm sure he needs more than a day to move on to 20 new girls. Plus do you really think he is stupid enough to go through that process?? Knowing what goes on behind the cameras.... Really?

{Dear Krista, Cody and Kaitlyn}
Tricked ya!!!! Suckerssss... So happy for the three of you and all that God has provided these last few weeks. He has been really showing out for y'all. Nobody deserves a surprise celebration more than you. I hope you enjoyed it :) P.S. Why did I not take any pictures? P.P.S. Please do not have baby Carter while I'm out of town this weekend? Since you have control over that and all.....Preeshatya!

{Dear Kendol}
I am so proud of you for everything you do. You never cease to amaze me. And I'm so proud of your little weight loss/get healthy journey! P.S. It is Ok to learn from the body builder with the gallon jug at the gym, but please don't get any ideas. I'm not trying to see you all tatted  up, spray tanned and in a speedo. Seriously, if any of you have not seen Kendol in the last 2 months, you will not recognize him.

{Dear Mosquitos}
I am not prepared for you yet. So if you could just go on back to where you hang out for the winter that would be Fantabulous. My legs sure would appreciate it.

{Dear Everyone}
Please excuse my insane behavior lately and thanks for being supportive throughout my mini panic attacks. The stress is about to get me for the first time ever. So thanks for not judging.. or if you are... just keep it to yourself :)

{Dear Cowboy Boots}
We have a weekend-long date starting in T minus 2 hours. Can't wait!

{Dear Nashville}
Are you ready? We are heading for ya!


  1. I have some bad news.. I got my first mosquito bite of the season.. ugh. This is going to be a bad one, isn't it? I need to come up with something to cover myself in so they stay away from me! haha any ideas??

    Hope you have an AMAZING time in Nashville!!

  2. seriously mosquitos. seriously.
    your letter to them was a lot nicer than what i have to say to them.

  3. lucky you heading to nashville!! i want a weekend away. and congrats to your husband on his weight loss, keep him to keep it up and i wholeheartedly agree with you no spray tans or speedos

  4. You def. got us last night! Y'all are awesome!!! We're blessed with the most amazing friends for sure and we've definitely been blessed in a lot of ways over the last few weeks and the trials were all worth it and taught us great things. For example... (and I quote from Kaitlyn's teacher's email) "So excited about Cody's new job, and the house selling!! Our class has been praying about both and it was so neat that the kids could see how God answers prayers!" My family was an example to 22 1st graders and I'm absolutely okay with that!
    p.s. I was mad at myself for not taking any pictures too... what were we thinking?
    p.s.s. I'll try my best to wait until you're home to have this baby! :) Wouldn't want you to miss it!

  5. LOL! These are some great letters :) Totally with you on the Chris Harrison thing... What a shame :( Have a great trip!

  6. Love your letters today! And I agree... it's probably better that Skylar didn't win... Not many AI winners have had good careers. I've seen you on Rachel's blog a time or two but just now found you through Ashley's link up. :) Happy new follower!

  7. Woo woo! Have fun in Nashville! Just found your blog on Hollie's link up :)

    PS if you get a chance, check out my giveaway! http://www.simply-sarah.net/2012/04/my-memories-suite-giveaway.html

  8. Have fun in Nashville!! The people are SO nice there that it makes me want to go back :)

    I also got a few mosquito bites recently, while in NOLA. It must be a southern thing cause I never get them! ;)

  9. Have fun in Nashville! Next time let me know when you're planning a trip and I can come meet you!

  10. I am SO not looking forward to the bug when we head back to the east coast this summer. Monetery wins on the no mosquitos situation.

    Have a fun weekend!