Ok, folks. I need your help for 2 seconds. One of my very, very best friends and neighbors needs your vote!! Stephanie has made it to the top 50 in the selection of the Top 30 under 30 Realtors in the NATION... the nation, people. We have until Friday to vote!! She has already been named the #1 realtor here at home and  if there is anyone who deserves this, it is Stephanie. She is a top notch realtor and member of our community. 

All you have to do is go HERE and click on the "Vote Now" button. There's no sign in or anything like that. Literally, two seconds!!


And the Obsession Continues...

Seriously, I am obsessed and I don't know why...
With a paint color...
If you saw my Pinterest board for our future home, you might say I need an intervention.
But that's why it's a private board.. I don't want anyone to really see the extent of my craziness.
But... If there's one thing that I'll give away, it is that there will be a room in my house this color.
Possibly multiple rooms.
Or I may be over this color when the time comes.
I sure hope that's not the case.

Allow me to introduce to you, Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue

Source: indulgy.com via Olivia on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Taylor on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Tiffany on Pinterest


What's Yo Favorite Color, Baby??

Color Me Rad 5k
Saturday, March 23, 2013
That is all.

Mingle 240


O, Hail No!

Yesterday. Yesterday was a good little day, after work and another little incident..

See, when I was leaving work it was getting a little dark out. I knew rain was coming, but I had no idea what else was going to be involved. So, I decided to make a little pit stop at DSW for a little retail therapy... Next thing I know, I felt like I was in a Tim Burton film and gum balls were storming down on us. O, Hail No!!!

Yep, instead of going home and having my cute little car safe in the garage, my stubborn self just had to go shopping and my little car took a beating... as I just stood there... helpless.. watching through the window... and I didn't even see any cute shoes.... O, Hail No.. again!! 

Once I was relieved to find no damage, my first little teensy bit of down time in weeks began. I was showered and in my pj's before 5 o'clock and Kendol was cooking up some dinner! Smoked salmon, asparagus and lipton onion potatoes. Seriously divine. He's the best. 

I also did a little spring cleaning. We can walk in our closet again. Hallelujer!! This was followed by a little more cleaning of the rest of the disaster house. Followed by some wine, a little mani/pedi action and a few hours if being a couch potato.

Glawrious, I tell ya!

1. Mani/Pedi with OPI I'm India Mood for Love
2. My new presh t-shirt came in the mail
3. Just watching my poor little car getting beat to death
4. Our closet has a floor?? Who knew?

O, and you know why today is going to be a good day too?????
This is why!!!
Today's the day!
... and we're having Mexican for supper..
That always makes for a good day.. Duh.


Gone Green

Mississippi has gone green.
Not that kind of green....
I'm talkin' about pollen.
It made it's sneak attack yesterday, y'all
I'll be sick for the next month.

But over the weekend, Mississippi was covered in a more fun shade of green.
St. Paddy's Day green.
What a fun day of running around like a wild woman.
And it ended with the sounds of the Chad Wesley Band.
They are awesome.
If they come near you, GO. 

Mingle 240


Fitness Friday

This week has flown by and been a super busy one. Perhaps it's all the excitement about the upcoming weekend's festivities? It is St. Paddy's weekend, after all. Which just so happens to be one of the biggest weekends we have around here! This year will be a little different for me, being that I will be working (makin' that money, honey) instead of attending the parade. But no worries, I don't think I will be lacking in the "fun" department since we will be having 3 bands throughout the day. For sure to be good times had by all! Through all of the excitement and business, I have managed to get in a little exercise.. a little's better than none, I say! 

Monday 3-11-13
3 Circuits: 30-20-10
Knee Tap Plank
Cross Leg Lifts (Right Leg)
Cross Leg Lifts (Left Leg)
Butt Lifts
Russian Twists Holding 12 lb Kettlebell

First circuit, I did ten Goblet Squats holding my 12 lb. Kettle Bell  between each exercise. Second circuit, I did 5 squats between each exercise. Totaling 105 squats.

Tuesday 3-12-13
Zumba Flat Abs Video (17 minutes)
If you've never done this video.. find it immediately!

3 Circuits: 20-15-10
Curls using 5 lb dumbbell(Right Arm)
Curls using 5 lb dumbbell(Left Arm)
Arm Raises using 5 lb dumbbell
Bent Over Row using KB (Right Arm)
Bent Over Row using KB (Left Arm)
Strait Leg Dead Lift with High Pull using KB
Flies using 5 lb dumbbell

Thursday 3-14-13
3 Mile Run (29 mins)

Have a good one, folks!!
And don't forget to sport your green :)


Crazy Bag Lady

Who out there seems to collect bags??
All shapes and sizes.... 
Bags upon Bags upon Bags. 
Each one used for a specific purpose.. 
And completely necessary? 
(Raises hand in cubicle)
Guilty and not ashamed one bit.

Well have I got a treat for you, you crazy bag lady you!
Stella and Dot is doing a little expanding of their brand and on April 8th, they are introducing a new line of bags. Lovely, little, colorful, perfect bags... Really S and D.. Like I needed something new to obsess over.

Allow me to introduce:
More patterns will be available




Listening.. to a little J. Timberlake, Suit and Tie, obviously. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but now it's my jam. And I'm on a bit of a Lumineers kick, as well.

Eating.. Bread.. Seriously, that seems like all I eat... Sandwiches, everywhere. It has got to stop.

Drinking.. My Coke habit (as in Coca- Cola Classic) is back in full force. And I don't hate it one bit.. No matter how bad it is for me.

Wearing.. I literally wear my black legging/pants from The Loft everyday. They are most certainly one of the best purchases I've ever made. They are as thick as pants but have the elastic waste band like leggings. Therefore, if your butt isn't fully covered, you are A-OK! And people behind you in the Wal-Mart line aren't whispering/tweeting about "When are people going to learn that leggings are not 'pants'!!"

Feeling.. Tired but excited and determined. Determined to do my best at my job. Determined to save money. Determined to stick to my work outs no matter how bad I don't want to do them. And excited about life and what the near future holds for us.

Wanting.. For once in my life, I really can't think of anything that I am just DYING to have at this particular time. I do want some new pretty dresses for all of the upcoming spring and summer festivities. And I do WANT the weather to be gorgeous this weekend so that I can finally whip out the ole' shorts! Just in case Mother Nature forgot, it is Spring Break.. that's the official sign of 'spring', right? (Spring break?? What is Spring Break?? I sure wish I had WANT one of those)

Thinking.. About how much I've missed my friends and family lately. Need some good quality family/friend time, asap!

Enjoying.. The bright Sunshine. The warmer temperatures. My new Cotton Tag (my new car is now complete).

Thankful for.. This guy! and sunshine.. and beer... and cotton.. apparently..


Sunday Funday

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5

We spent our weekend working, but we somehow managed to squeeze in some much needed family/friend time too. We got in a little QT with our friends Krista and Cody Friday night after we got off. And Saturday, I squeezed in some friend time with Stephanie and Wally at Mudbugs before I clocked in. And Sunday, my parents came to town to spend the night so we all had dinner at Soulshine followed by some family time at my sisters. Obviously, Hayes and I had a little fun :)

P.S. is anyone else struggling with this time change?
I am like El Capitan of the Struggle Bus today!


Fitness Friday

I have really been trying to get hardcore back into my workouts. My favorite form of exercise is running, but the weather has not cooperated for that in quite some time.. and I'm not really a fan of the ole' treadmill.

So, I have been experimenting lately with some new types of workouts. Needless to say, I have found muscles that I apparently never knew existed. I have not been able to walk in days. I have been attempting workouts from Bender Fitness (with the help of Apple TV)and I purchased a kettle bell on Saturday. Since buying my little 12 lb. kettle bell, I have realized that I have gotten myself into quite the expensive type of exercise, but I love it. Apparently one size does not fit all when it comes to kettle bell exercises.. duh.. which means I need more. Anyone out there want to donate to the cause? Or know of where you can get them cheaper than $25-$50 each?

Anywho, I have come to the realization that I am much more consistent with achieving goals if I discuss them here, so that's what I'm going to do. And who knows, maybe I'll inspire someone else to go out of their fitness comfort zone as well.

So here's what I've done this week.

Saturday 3/2/13- 
Used 12 lb Kettle Bell to do the workout below
Did all exercises except the single arm cleans bc I didn't have two kettle bells to work with.

Sunday 3/3/13
I worked 9 Hours at Mudbugs, so there was no time for a workout. Surely I burned some sort of calories with all the running around I do up there.

Monday 3/4/13
Kettlebell Workout Using 12 lb Kettlebell
Kettle Bell Swings- 50
Around the World- 25 Each Arm
Russian Twists- 50
Single Arm Swing- 50 Each Arm
High Pull- 50
Squat-Curl-Twist- 25 Each Side
Dead Lifts- 50
Tricep Extension- 25

Tuesday 3/5/13
1 Mile Run- 9:23
60 Russian Twists
Bender Fitness Tight Booty, Toned Abs Workout
1 Circuit- 10 Reps on Weighted Exercises and 20 Reps on Non-Weighted Exercises

Thursday 3/7/13
3 Mile Run- 31 minutes (first longer run in a while)
50 Kettle Bell Swings
25 Single Arm Swings (Each Arm)
50 High Pulls
50 Goblet Squats
25 Bent Over Row (Each Arm)
(used 12 lb kettlebell)

Speaking of working on my fitness, I need everyone's opinion on the Polar FT4's everyone seems to be obsessing over? I am not one to fork over that kind of cash on something like that, but it sure would be nice to keep track of how many calories I am actually burning. So, let me hear it folks!! Worth the money or not??

What type of workouts are you into??


Think About It... Thursday

I have already shared this on Instagram, but I am sure there are plenty of you out there who did not see it. There are also plenty of you who probably read 'Jesus Calling' as I do, but I figured everyone could stand to see this again. There isn't even anything crazy going on in my life right now, but for some reason this really stood out to me. I suppose I've just never thought of it this way. Such a great reminder that we are all God's masterpieces and that He knows exactly what He is doing with us.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


The Bright Side

This morning I forgot to turn my crockpot on before I left for work. I had already done all of the slicing and dicing and everything. Literally all I had to do was take the pot out of the refrigerator and turn it on low. Bright Side: I had to go home during lunch to turn it on which means I got to have Chick Fil A for lunch, so all is well.

The internet went out at work around 10:30 due to the weather (I assume) knocking out the power station right down the street. Bright Side: I had a day full of victories at Spider Solitaire. We spent our morning researching someone who can make a "Poop" Cake for our bosses son's 40th birthday party on Friday. (Poop Cake bc they are going with a "Old as Crap" "Old as Sh!t" "Stinks to be so old" theme... duh) This was then followed by a office wide review of the Boss Man's Spin Class music and routine for the class he is teaching this afternoon. Music includes "Clubbed to Death," "Girl on Fire," "Waka Waka" and "Ho Hey." P.S. the Boss Man is 70...

There's always a bright side to every situation.

The In-Between

I have never understood the in-between. And by in-between, I mean the trend of a sweater paired with shorts. I love the look but in Mississippi it's one extreme or the other, there is no in-between. It's either melting like a toasted cheeser or eskimo status. But I sure wish there was bc I sure am ready to whip out the ole' shorts.


And the Tradition Lives On..

Each year on this day, I bust out the most epic of rhymes (not really..) for my friend Meagan Rae's birthday. Yes, every single year since we were in sixth grade, I believe. That would've been 1996, so we're going on 17 years now of ghetto birthday rhymes. In my first life, I was a rapper. I'm sure of it. And today, I decided to share my talents with the blogosphere... Enjoy :) Where you at Jay Z?

Happy Happy 28th Birthday Meagan Rae
**Please do not be offended by any of the below content. It is strictly meant for fun.

Word Up to my Gurll Rae
Yo birfday beez today
You be knockin up on thirtyz doe
Befo you know it, you gon be Foty Foe
Don’t haz too many a dem Moonshine Cherries and gets to hobblin’
You gotsta make it to da club to do some wobblin’
Maybe even do some Harlem Shakin’
Den it’s off to da Warfa Houz for some late night bacon
A Girls gotsta eat or she gon’ be actin’ a fool
Don’t haz too much fun without me boo!
P.S. Dis beez yo last birfday as a single la-day
Dat shizz be cray cray

Word Up to my Gurll Rae 
Yo birfday was yessaday
Can't beleeb you bees da big two seb'n
It seems like yessaday we wuz just eleb'n
Yo rap kina sucked and for that I bees sorry
I think I was just depress cuz I cudn't jurn da party
I hopes you had fun at da Tin Roof 2
Shakin yo booty, juz doin what u do
Ooo girl, I bees spittin' deez rhymes like it ain't nuttin' to it
It would be even betta if I had a video for u to view it
My gangsta hanz wavin' all crazy and shizz
hat turnt sidewayz u know I'm the bizz
but ain't no video up in da cube so fb gone hafs ta do
Just want you to know I lub you honey boo boo!

Word up to my Gurll Rae
Yo Birfday be today
hope I getsta see u up in da wood
eatin up dem crayfish. day be so good
u be da big two-six on dis day
gurl u's on the wrong side of fif-tay
we gettin so old. its hart to believ
betta make sure they aint no greys up in dat weave
Don't be breakin no hips bustin a move
cause i no you gone be dancin dat groove
grab u a box of dat sweet sweet wine
an have yoself a helluva time!!


Prior to 2010, all of my masterpieces have vanished from Facebook... So sad..