Fitness Friday

This week has flown by and been a super busy one. Perhaps it's all the excitement about the upcoming weekend's festivities? It is St. Paddy's weekend, after all. Which just so happens to be one of the biggest weekends we have around here! This year will be a little different for me, being that I will be working (makin' that money, honey) instead of attending the parade. But no worries, I don't think I will be lacking in the "fun" department since we will be having 3 bands throughout the day. For sure to be good times had by all! Through all of the excitement and business, I have managed to get in a little exercise.. a little's better than none, I say! 

Monday 3-11-13
3 Circuits: 30-20-10
Knee Tap Plank
Cross Leg Lifts (Right Leg)
Cross Leg Lifts (Left Leg)
Butt Lifts
Russian Twists Holding 12 lb Kettlebell

First circuit, I did ten Goblet Squats holding my 12 lb. Kettle Bell  between each exercise. Second circuit, I did 5 squats between each exercise. Totaling 105 squats.

Tuesday 3-12-13
Zumba Flat Abs Video (17 minutes)
If you've never done this video.. find it immediately!

3 Circuits: 20-15-10
Curls using 5 lb dumbbell(Right Arm)
Curls using 5 lb dumbbell(Left Arm)
Arm Raises using 5 lb dumbbell
Bent Over Row using KB (Right Arm)
Bent Over Row using KB (Left Arm)
Strait Leg Dead Lift with High Pull using KB
Flies using 5 lb dumbbell

Thursday 3-14-13
3 Mile Run (29 mins)

Have a good one, folks!!
And don't forget to sport your green :)

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  1. never heard of the zumba flat abs before! going to find it now lol