O How Pinteresting: Down in the Delta


Today I shall share with you a little bit about where I come from..

The Mississippi Delta

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

This is what the entire Delta looks like at the end of the summer/beginning of fall!!

Mississippi Snow!

The Tallahatchie Flats
Old slave shacks that have been moved and renovated and turned into a hotel!!
This is actually where the boys in our wedding party stayed and we had a wedding shower/party there too!!

Groomsmen and their lovely ladies!

Band Set Up at our Shower!
How cute?

Particularly, I am from the home of Viking Range.

And the Alluvian Hotel

The Gals enjoying ourselves at the Alluvian after our rehearsal dinner.
Yes that's me in the middle barefoot, with a beer...
Welcome to the Delta!!

The Delta Bistro is where we had our rehearsal dinner!

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Home to B.B. King

And Robert Johnson

And Muddy Waters

The Crossroads where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil to play the blues!!

One of Robert Johnson's many gravesites around the Delta

The Delta is also home to Jim Henson

Source: bing.com via Katy on Pinterest

Birthplace of Morgan Freeman!! He still has a home and a owns a few bars and restaurants.

Source: m.bing.com via Daniel on Pinterest

The Help was filmed in my Hometown

My Momma was in this! She's eating watermelon in the movie theater.

And that sums up the Delta History on Pinterest :)


**Wish List**

P.S. Those are *snowflakes*... got it?? Good!!

So I have been getting the dreaded "What do you want for Christmas" question from everyone. This is always hard for me bc everything I want is expensive, therefore I don't expect anyone to buy them for me! I have come up with somewhat of a list... some things reasonable... some not so much!!

And these are in no particular order.

A Big Gold Watch
Michael Kors Gold Watch Yes I'm aware that I'm a little behind...

Some New Toms!
Oatmeal Toms

Source: toms.com via Callie on Pinterest

Red Snowflake Toms
How fun are these for winter??
Source: toms.com via Callie on Pinterest

Black Wedges for Work such as
Jessica Simpson "Kellie" Wedges

Source: zappos.com via Shunta on Pinterest

Hunter Rainboots
Original Tall Rain Boot

A (Good) Camera
One that immediately snaps pictures
Good picture quality
Good Zoom
Such as a Nikon Coolpix L120

Source: walmart.com via Ronke on Pinterest

How festive and fitting is this maroon one?? Love it

And I'll take the entire Marley Lilly Website
Please and Thank You.

Monogrammed Filigree Bracelet

Monogrammed Necklace

Cell Phone Cover

Camel Flats
Camel Tory Burch Flats

OPI Rainbow Connection
How fun is that??

Scarves!! Any and All

Bracelets!! Any and All!!


So, what are yall asking for for Christmas??


Over the Weekend..

This past weekend was super fun!! It started with Thanksgiving and ended in an Egg Bowl victory between Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

We had Thanksgiving Thursday with Kendol's family here in Jackson, then went to Columbus to celebrate with my Daddy's side of the family on Friday!! There were babies everywhere and I finally got to meet my cousin Kaylis' precious little angel Lawson. O my... he is the cutest!

Look at those cheeks!!

Sweet Hayes' found her a new favorite toy..
The John Deere Dump Truck ha!!
After we wrapped up our final Thanksgiving festivities (5 total), Kendol and I headed to Starkville to kick off the Egg Bowl festivities. First up, a trip to Anthony's for dinner. Yum!!!

After a late dinner it was off to bed in preparation for Saturday's festivities. We were out in the Junction by 9:30... our game was at 6!! We had lots of tailgating to do and we did just that!

We even had a maroon and white Chrimma Bush!
 Finally it was time for the game!! And it started pouring... and it poured for hours... as in it poured until Sunday at lunch. But the rain made it even more fun, in my opinion.

Santa even came!
This is Gilmer... a business school professor/Santa on the side!!
Isn't he precious??

Boobie Dixon (49ers) came back for the game and he was super pumped!!
Love him.
 And the outcome... Mississippi State keeps the Golden Egg in Starkville for another year!! It marks the first time in 70 years that we have won 3 consecutive Egg Bowls against Ole Miss, which just absolutely makes my year.

This was our endzone for the game!
Ever since twitter started, it has just become a must to put #hailstate in a tweet regarding MSU.
Of course Ole Miss made fun... bc that's all they ever do to us.
All I've got to say is... How can you make fun of our endzone if you never even saw it??
MSU: 31
Ok that's all the trash talk I'm going to dish out ha! (sorry Rachel and Faye) It's all in good rivalry fun :)
P.S. I wish you two had come to tailgate :(

OOOO and I got to meet (well wave really big) to Nicole !! A precious blogger and fellow Bulldog. Go check her out!!

OOOO and these two cuties made the Kiss Cam on the Jumbrotron.. Yes!!!! We went nuts ha!
Yes, we have a Kiss Cam and it's awesome!

Grant and Rachael

Oooooo and I got myself one of our awesome Egg Bowl jerserys with the Egg Bowl gold numbers!! So sad I have to wait til Christmas morning to sport it. It's going in the ole stocking!They were legit. I heard alot of trash talk about the jerseys and the gold cleats... but they looked awesome in person and we were being festive!! Loved it.

My favorite part!
Sunday was spent being lazy and doing a little Christmas shopping, then ended with some Chicken Parmesan, "Horrible Bosses" and last but not least some Kardashians.

O, and over the weekend I had a dream nightmare that I attended a Taylor Swift concert.... in my swim suit.. The concert is nightmare enough... but in my swim suit. MORTIFYING.. I was furious when I woke up... and stayed that way for a few hours.

I hope everyone's weekends were equally as fabulous (minus the whole concert debacle)!!