Timeless Obsessions

Ok, so I have found myself really being obsessed with a few things, as of late. Most of which are fashion related, but some home decor as well (brightly recovered chairs... o my). And I've come to realize that lots of things that I obsess over are timeless. Meaning my collection can only grow and grow and grow. Even if they go "out of style" for a little while, they ALWAYS make a comeback... with even more fierceness than before. Love that!!

So here goes a few of my
Timeless Fasion Must-Haves.

First on the list is Scarves. If you know me at all, you know I have ALWAYS been obsessed with scarves/hats. I have been wearing scarves since I can remember. And I'm sure at some points in my life they were not as cool/hip as they are now. But I didn't/don't care.. not one bit. I mean they are fabulous. They can spice up any outfit and be used for all different kinds of things. You have big chunky sweater type scarves for actually keeping warm (I use mine for blankets at work. ALL.THE.TIME). You have thin printed fun scarves for bringing some fun into an otherwise boring simple outfit. You have the pashmina type scarves for the more fancy occassion and for keeping your shoulders warm at a cocktail event. Seriously people, I wear one almost every day.

This is literally what my scarf collection resembles!

LOVE LOVE this Marley Lilly monagrammed scarf.
Seriously, they have an awesome scarf collection.

I want a mustard yellow one (must have) and a maroon one for football games :)

The chunky sweater scarf!! So warm and cozy
The only thing with these, for me, is how static-y they make your hair (along with the cold weather) and the fact that they sort of require an updo... which I HARDLY EVER do. I look like a boy with my hair in a pony tail, so I try and steer clear. If I had swoopy bangs and had a Pink Lou Lou poof, maybe I would change my mind...

UH-B-SESSED with the yellow with the broach!!


Ok, I think yall get the point... Moving on!!

Next up is Leopard... seriously, I love it!! Who doesn't? Leopard anything... shoes, shirt, skirt, scarf... you name it, it's fantastic, in my opinion! I've even come around to the leopard loafers... Seriously, I want them.

 Timeless fashion, you ask? Yep, it sure is. I can't tell you how many times in my short lifetime that leopard has gone in and out of style. It ALWAYS makes a comeback. And I have ab-so-lute-ly no problem with that.

To die for!

My next obsession is Bracelets. Seriously yall!! I'm turning into my Momma, which I don't mind at all. She has always been a lover of the bracelet. She has ALWAYS worn multiple bracelets every day of her life, and now I'm following right in her footsteps. The more the merrier and I don't descriminate. Gold, Silver, Colorful, Cheap, Expensive, Turquoise, Pearls (gotta have pearls)... I do not care!! Love them all.

Source: s3.amazonaws.com via Judy on Pinterest



Well I guess that's enough for now, maybe I will continue on again one day bc I have lots-n-lots more categories I could add... O I just love it all!!!



  1. i love love all your photos callie. the scarfs are gorgeous and the bracelets are outstanding, perfect way to end the week with lovely fashion!

  2. That yellow scarf w/ the broach is to die for. So gorgeous.

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  4. I love your choices Callie! I have an addiction to scarves too. The chunky sweater ones are the best!

  5. so cute! ive totally been buying all sorts of leopard. so fun :)