Just a Few Things...CMA Edition

I know this is a day late, but I already had a post for yesterday morning. This was supposed to post yesterday afternoon... but apparently...It did not!
So here ya go.

Ten Things Regarding the 2011 CMA's.
These are strictly my opinions... don't get your panties in a wad if you disagree :)

1. Spandex skinny pants and pointed witch boots are not welcome in country music... period.
Look guys, country boys wear dirty, roughed up blue jeans/wranglers, cowboy boots, button ups (most of which are plaid) and cowboy hats... maybe a belt buckle.. I'm not sure where this took a wrong turn and yall thought it was acceptable to show up in skinny jeans, but that is NOT OK... not at all! This happened last year as well... I cannot handle it. I take my country music seriously, get outta here with that!!

Take a lesson from the King!

2. I am still bitter about The Band Perry winning all of those awards. Was that a joke???
Although I should be a fan bc they are from right down the road, MS, I just can't be. I love her voice. I think she is adorable. But those brothers (pants... hairstyles) and those song lyrics. I just can't deal... Eating crow... really can't handle it. (yes, I'm aware it's an expression). I want to like you... Make me like you, ok?? Great!!!

3. Zac Brown Band and Keith Urban got jipped, as always. There's nothing else to say..
O and p.s. for all of you out there, it's Zac... not Zack... not Zach... Zac..

This is not from last night, but this is what they performed... So good.

4. Carrie Underwood might be the most perfect woman on earth.
She really is beautiful and has a killer bod... Good Lawd!!
And those shoes are to die...

But what about that last dress... Let's get serious. What is this??

5. T-Swizzle... Don't you ever give my girl Miranda the Stank Eye like that again... Just when I was starting to "kinda" like you.... Ugh

6. Could Luke Bryan get any hotter?? I think not..

7. Eric Church is simply the best. Bad Ass Alert!

8. Scotty McCreary will you come to MS and take my little sister on a date???? Please!!!

Scotty meet Eleanor.
O great, Your giving her thumbs up already.
I think this could work.

9. Faith Hill's still got it, and Kellie Pickler is looking better than ever.

10. Blake and Miranda re-confirmed that they are the cutest things I've ever seen. I just can't handle all of the cuteness that is these two. Perfection.


Speaking of country music... I am off to see Jake Owen tonight in the streets of Starkville!!
Can't wait for my first "Bulldog Bash" weekend since I graduated college.
I am not sure if I'm mentally prepared.
Go Dawgs... Beat Bama!!!

And a special thanks to all those who have served in the military, past, present and future!!
Happy Happy Veterans Day to all of you!!


  1. Omg I so agree with you on all of this I was so made that Zac Brown didnt win anything, Taylor Swift pissed me off with that look I mean girl get over yourself your not always going to win everything. Have fun this weekend and hopefully I will see you tomorrow:) Lets go DAWGS!!!!!!!

  2. OMG. YOU READ MY MIND ON EVERY SINGLE THING YOU JUST SAID! I watched them late last night and you pretty much just summed up my thoughts! amazing. and really? taylor swift for entertainer of the year?!?!

  3. i agree with you on all of those points!! seriously spandex don't belong with boots. and george strait is the king. the band perry uh i like your songs but you can't win everything. and yes zac brown band why haven't they won anything?? i want some of carrie underwood's dresses just to try them on i would be happy. hope you are having a great weekend girlie!!

  4. great post! and love your background!

    xoxo navy & orange