Thankful Thursday


Hey Yall!

So many times, we just jump strait from Halloween to Christmas and skip right over one of the best and most important holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. So, in order to not skip over it, I want to invite you to join me in something I did last year for the month of November, Thankful Thursday. It's Easy Peasy. Simply say at least one thing you are thankful for, for each day of the month. It's kind of like a "Thank You Jesus" journal. Then each Thursday post your entries for each day of the previous week. And it doesn't have to be anything serious and profound. Have fun with it and be thankful for the little, random things that make you smile.

I ain't preachin' at ya! Just bein' thankful!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011..continued
Ter-ri-ble day ... just awful. But at least I had this day, some did not. So thankful for another day of this wonderful life.

I am also so thankful for a husband who listens to me complain/whine and loves me at my worst, then takes me out for pizza and beer to make it all better. He's the best!

Friday, November 4, 2011
I am thankful for a healthy, happy family to spend time with and let's be honest... I am thankful for Japanese food. What would we do without sushi and hibachi?? For real..

Saturday, November 5, 2011
I am thankful for my brother-in-law Ryan. He is not only a great friend of mine, but also a great husband to my sister and a great daddy to my neice Hayes. Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Lloyd!!!! (I've always called him Mr. Lloyd... do not know why..)

Also, on this day I am thankful for a job that provides me with money to buy Christmas presents for my precious family and friends.

Sunday, November 6, 2011
I am thankful for days of rest, football, Sonic Cokes and a husband that loves to cook, bc I sure don't!!

Monday, November 7, 2011
I am thankful for this most perfect weather that makes exercising 100% more enjoyable. And I'm also thankful for best friends becoming neighbors. Good times to be had :)

November 8, 2011
I am so thankful for my right to vote, and for the right to vote however I may choose, although I had another voting disaster, as always. I got to where I've been voting for 4  years and my name wasn't on the list. I call the Circuit Clerks office to see what's going on and they say my address is listed in Pearl, MS... well that's odd bc I've never lived in Pearl nor have I ever changed my voting address... Kind of creepy!! So I didn't get to vote, but everything turned out just fine without my one little vote.

I am so thankful that election day finally arrived and I may never have to hear/see the number 26 again in any form... 26, 62, 266,622.... I hate them all ha! Mississippi voted on Amendment 26 which is an amendment regarding government control over a woman's body in situations regarding abortions, birth control and having babies. It was one of the most controversial things I've ever seen and has been EVERYWHERE for months. WHEW so glad I no longer have to see it everywhere I look. Get ready for when it hits your state. This is me warning you!!

And so thankful that Voter I.D. passed. No more dead people voting around these parts folks!!! Woo Hoo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
I am thankful for rubber cell phone covers... for real!! This morning I get a call from my friend Stephanie at 7:25. While Stephanie calling is not weird, her calling at 7:25 and having a man's voice was a little much for me to handle that early in the morning. (She lives a few houses down) It was Kendol calling to say that he thinks his cell phone is on my bumper or on top of my car and I need to stop and check immediately... What the H?? Why in the world would his cell phone be on top of my car, you ask?? After the gym, he needed to get something out of his truck and needed both hands, apparently, and didn't have any pockets to put his phone in. So I pull over in a church parking lot and sure enough, his phone is chillin' on the roof of my car in the rain. So all was recovered, thank goodness. No OUTRAGEOUS fee for breaking of the ole' cell phone contract for us, WHEW!! So thank you, Mr. Inventor of the Rubber Cell Phone cover. Because of your genius invention, Kendol's cell phone stayed perfectly in place. (P.S. Kendol will be contacting Verizon Wireless in hopes of a commercial... we may be stars soon, so just get ready ha!)


  1. Love this idea you might not be trying to preach but you so did to me cause I am so that person that sometimes forgets about Thanksgiving.

  2. love your button callie! and love your list of course. i definitely agree with the sushi one sushi-holic right now! have a thankful thursday :-)

  3. Love this button and idea! I love all of the things you're thankful for, but I gotta say my most fave is the one about Sonic cokes, football, and a husband that can cook. It made me laugh, and I SOOO agree with you. My boyfriend's a way better cook, and I don't mind one bit :)

  4. it's true, we must always just be so grateful for every new day that we are given, good or bad. because in the end, it is all a learning experience to refine and make us better human beings!
    xo TJ