Over the Weekend..

It was another jam packed weekend for the Collins crew!!!

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Starkville for Bulldog Bash, to see Jake Owen. But first stop in Starky was at Petty's for some delicious bbq!! If you're ever in Starkville, it's a must. (Don't let anybody fool you and say Little Dewey's it the best... They are mistaken) Sadly, we didn't make it to the concert. I could hear it, but we never got close enough to the stage.

On Saturday, we headed out to "The Junction" for a full day of tailgating!! It was a little chilly and we didn't beat Alabama (duh), but it was a good time. I'm even pretty sure Cody & Krista (Ole Missers) thoroughly enjoyed themselves :)

Zorba's Friday Night!

Krista, Anna Catherine, Mallory & Myself

Lizzzzle!!!! Miss you
Sweet Jamie

Best Frands 4-Eva!!!

Cody and Krista!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Sweet Hayes' 1st Birthday. Yall.... I seriously cannot believe it has already been a year. There is ab-so-lute-ly no way. (For all of you newer folks, Hayes is my neice.. adorbs) The party had a  "Look Whooooo's 1" Owl theme. So freakin' cute.

Pretty Girl

Taking a ride in the new wagon!!

Her loves her Mickey Mouse

Ann-Hamilton and Hayes

eeeehhhhh not so sure about this...

Ok.... I'll try it out, I guess!

with her P-Pop
She was obvisouly over the picture taking...

with her JuJu

with her SuSu and Aunt JoJo

Just playing dress up with her new hat and baby Uggs!!
O my goodness.. Love her!!
Happy Happy 1st Birthday to my Sweet, Precious Haysy- Poo!!!!


  1. Sorry I didnt get to see you I saw you and was coming up at halftime and well nature called and I had to go to the bathroom:( I kept trying to get your attention and wave at you but I kept getting dirty looks from alabama fans hahaha I loved your scarf:) your so pretty!!

  2. she is darling!! and those baby ugg boots are so precious. ok callie we are definitely suppose to be friends but you go to jake owen concerts and i love going to country artists concer

  3. Fun! What a cute party! And the bday girl is adorable :)

    Sounds like a pretty great weekend. Maybe I need to move to the south so I can enjoy football and BBQ!

  4. Looks like so much Fun!!! I'm totally loving your blog! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

  5. oh my gosh baby Ugg boots how cute! Looks like such a fun time and what cute pictures. xo