A Night to Myself

Kendol travels everyday for his job, but rarely travels far enough to have a reason to spend the night away. But yesterday he went an hour west of Nashville and had to be in New Albany, MS this morning, so he stayed the night on the road.

A NIGHT TO MYSELF.... AHHHHHHHHH (angels singing)

Glorious right??


Well some of it was glorious. I am not a girl who requires a lot of alone time. I love being around people and love to be busy. But every once in a while it is nice to have a little time to yourself. I had big plans for the night, but in the end it ended up being a bit of a disaster.

I started out with a ride home in the dark... ughh!! I hate that.

Then I proceeded to make myself run... blah!!

But it actually turned out fabulous. The weather was perfectly cool. No sun to drain you. Beatles music on the ole Ipod. I actually made it thirty minutes. To not have really run in for-e-ver I'd say that's a hell-u-va start. Go me!! And on my run, I discovered something even more fabulous than the weather. My best guy friend from home and his precious fiance closed on their house (right around the corner) yesterday and I spotted them already moving stuff in. YES!!!!

Once I got back from my run, I made myself one of my favorite dishes of all times.. Noodles and Tomatoes.. Yes that's all it is ha! A poor man's spaghetti I guess you could call it. It was delish. (noodles, tomatoe sauce, diced tomatoes, salt, pepper... I'm not lying.. it's delish). Then I proceeded to wipe out the rest of the strawberry shortcake from the night before. So much for that run, huh?

Then on to a bath and an episode of Kendra.... All sounds great. Right???

Then it turned in to disaster zone. There's a little thing about blogging that has become an issue. I used to never have issues with picking out what to wear, bc Lord knows I have PLENTY to choose from!! But since blogging and pinterest came along, you see so many ideas...

So last night I decided to pick out some outfits for the weekend. Jake Owen concert in the street Friday night... meaning semi comfortable shoes and a shirt/dress made for a beer gut, bc plenty will be consumed.. Easy Peasy?? You would think....

Then Saturday we will start tailgating in the morning and our game is not until 6:45... So I need something that can make it through all of the different temperatures throughout the day, beer drinking, tailgate food  and some semi-comfortable shoes.... Easy Peasy?? Used to be...

So I get this bright idea from preciouse Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for an outfit from her White Dress/Black Tights post. I have a precious cream colored dress that's a little short to be worn alone, with my stilt like legs... but with black tights... perfect!!! Outfit done... in my head at least. Tried it on... Whole different story. At this point I realized I am in desperate need of black shoes (Christmas people... black wedges.. flat boots and boots with a heel... please and thanks in advance). And my leather jacket, black sequin cardigan or black blazer, looked nothing like the pictures I had envisioned in my head... Why is that? The picture is so cute, but when you put on your version, it looks ri-donk??? UGH!!

Anywho... Moving on to the next outfit. Cream colored skinny jeans, denim button up, fur vest and grey riding boots... Adorable, right??? WRONG.. It was ten kinds of wrong..
Bulldog Bash

Bulldog Bash by calliecollins featuring crochet tights

My dress is very similar to this one, but short sleeved. The sleeves do not do with a jacket... bummer!

So there I was...back to square one.. Nothing to wear... no ideas... and clothes piled on my bed higher than Mt. Everest. All my glorious fashion forward ideas down the drain. Why do all of these current styles, that I love, look awful on me? Do they make anyone else feel frumpy?? or was I just having a bad day??

Why can't it look like this, like I want it to:

And why won't pinterest let me search anything, so I can show yall where I got my fabulous ideas from... So annoying.

Now I have moved on to maybe something like this for the concert: I'm thinking black skirt, white tank, hot pink cardigan and a grey/black leopard scarf

Source: swell.com via Callie on Pinterest

O and if anyone out there could tell me where they have seen a good selection of boot socks, that would be awesome!! MUST HAVE and I can't find them anywhere....

Ok, I think that's enough whining  for today...


  1. I hate when outfits don't work out. I often end up with piles of clothes on my bed in the morning. The worst! However, I'm loving those boots, lady! Also- your new layout is super cute! Love the change :)

  2. boot socks missy are at RUE 21 and DSW! happy shopping!

    Classic & Bubbly

  3. I honestly spent 3 hours in my closet yesterday looking for outfits for the weekend. I used all my pinterest ideas, also. And just like you, nothing worked out like it did in my head. I've decided I just need to go shopping some more... Glad I'm not the only one with this problem!

  4. I think H&M and Forever 21 may have boot socks. That's what Katie from Keep Calm and Carry On told me yesterday any way! I have the same issues, so I feel your pain. All of those outfits look really cute in theory though.

  5. i love this post :) i always have a hard time figuring out what to wear but have PLENTY to choose from! i need to start planning ahead more often, or at least picking something out the night before!