**Wish List**

P.S. Those are *snowflakes*... got it?? Good!!

So I have been getting the dreaded "What do you want for Christmas" question from everyone. This is always hard for me bc everything I want is expensive, therefore I don't expect anyone to buy them for me! I have come up with somewhat of a list... some things reasonable... some not so much!!

And these are in no particular order.

A Big Gold Watch
Michael Kors Gold Watch Yes I'm aware that I'm a little behind...

Some New Toms!
Oatmeal Toms

Source: toms.com via Callie on Pinterest

Red Snowflake Toms
How fun are these for winter??
Source: toms.com via Callie on Pinterest

Black Wedges for Work such as
Jessica Simpson "Kellie" Wedges

Source: zappos.com via Shunta on Pinterest

Hunter Rainboots
Original Tall Rain Boot

A (Good) Camera
One that immediately snaps pictures
Good picture quality
Good Zoom
Such as a Nikon Coolpix L120

Source: walmart.com via Ronke on Pinterest

How festive and fitting is this maroon one?? Love it

And I'll take the entire Marley Lilly Website
Please and Thank You.

Monogrammed Filigree Bracelet

Monogrammed Necklace

Cell Phone Cover

Camel Flats
Camel Tory Burch Flats

OPI Rainbow Connection
How fun is that??

Scarves!! Any and All

Bracelets!! Any and All!!


So, what are yall asking for for Christmas??


  1. I am having such a hard time with the list this year :( I am asking for books and new cds:)

  2. i wasn't asking for them but my husband said recently i think you need a second pair of boots?? ok where is my husband and who is this person telling me i need a second pair? i love that gold watch and those snowflake toms are darling!! and definitely red wellies!

  3. I just got my MK gold watch about a month ago and I wear every.day. I fell so tough and glitzy at the same time. You should definitely keep it at the top of your list!

  4. I will take one of each please and thank you :)

  5. I'm looking at everyone's lists to try and get ideas. I have nooo idea what to ask for! I love so many of the things you want though! Looove that pretty monogram necklace :) And Michael Kors watches... yes please :)

  6. I already got my Xmas present, a Sony DCS-HX100. It is AMAZING! It is a bit pricey, but well worth the money. Honestly, best gift ever. My other "wants"? Hunter rain boots. but they've been on my list for a couple years now, so i'm not getting my hopes up LOL. Head over to my blog so see some photos that I took using my camera. They've been edited in picnik, but only in color and things, not in quality.