In the Kitchen: Holiday Treats

Hello All!

On Sunday I had to start thinking about what all food I was going to prepare for all of the feasts this week... 5 o them... Yes 5. Plus a birthday party and a tailgate on Saturday. Can we say INSTA 15 lbs???

Sunday: Momma's Family
Monday: Feast at Work
Monday Night: Kendol's neice's Birthday party
Tuesday: Friend Feast
Thursday: Kendol's Family
Friday: Daddy's Family
Saturday: Tailgate

Anybody want to volunteer to feed me on Wednesday??? Somebody?? Anybody? It can't be left out...

WHEEEEW.... that's a A-LOT of delicious food and I will not be turning down one thing ha!

Anywho, for work I wrote down that I would bring a dessert, only because at the time I had no desire to "think" about what I wanted to make. So dessert I did. I thought I would share these super easy recipes with yall in case yall needed some ideas for Holiday food!! You CANNOT mess these up :)

Mrs. Pam's Blueberry Cookies
1/3 Cup of Sugar
1/3 Cup of Flour
1/3 Cup of Brown Sugar
3/4 Cup of Oatmeal
1 Egg
1 Box of Blueberry Muffin Mix with Real Blueberries
1 Stick of Softened Butter

Mix sugars and butter. Add egg. Beat. Add flour, muffin mix and oatmeal. Knead in blueberries.

And by "knead in blueberries" get those blueberries in however you can.... If you figure out a genius way, please let me know! (This is not like cake mix where you can gently stir them in) (My kneading entails getting some blueberries in the middle, adding some more dough on top of the glob, mashing together and then adding some blueberries on top once they are on the stone)

Divide into globs as big or small as you'd like and bake on 350 for about 15 minutes.

I made about 22 good sized cookies.

When I was in Jr. High and Highschool, Mrs. Pam Bush always made blueberry cookies for our softball tournaments. She would bring bags full and they would be gone in 5 minutes. O my goodness they were so good. Well a few years ago, I got my hands on the recipe and I'm telling yall, they are so good! I can't make mine taste as good as hers, but they are delish!

Mrs. Cathy's Banana Pudding
1 Box of Vanilla Wafers
1 Bunch of Bananas
1 (4 serving size) instant Vanilla Pudding
1 (4 serving size) instant Lemon Pudding
Milk (according to pudding packages)
1 14 oz. Can of Condensed Milk (Eagle Brand)
12 oz. of Cool Whip

Make both puddings accoring to directions on box.

Line 13x9 pyrex dish with Vanilla Wafers. (I made mine in 2 smaller dishes so I could take it two different places)
Cover wafers completely with sliced bananas.
Mix puddings, condensed milk and cool whip in a mixer.
Pour over bananas.
You can also put more Vanilla Wafers on top, if you'd like!
Chill at least 4 hrs before serving. 8 hrs is best!
Serves 12 to 15.


  1. Woah girl, that is a ridiculous amount of food. I feel so inadequate with my one thanksgiving planned for thursday! And I love me some blueberry muffins so I may just have to try thesestat!

  2. OMG I am overwhelmed I still havent enen planned anything which I do not like but our families STILL havent decided what they are doing

  3. You're making me excited about Thanksgiving and ready to start baking ASAP! You've got quite the holiday week, lady! That food looks delish :)

  4. I'm making these blueberry cookies for Thursday! Thanks for the recipe!!

  5. Oh my you are going to be busy!!! Thank you fr the recipes ! Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will love, please pass by to enter!



  6. oh my gosh callie why didn't you call me i would have loved to come over and help you cook for all these feasts. really i wish girl really i wish we lived closer

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  8. I just love your heading, Psalm 10 3:5 verse, it is so true. I love blueberry anything and your blueberry cookies look so good! I don't think I have ever made any blueberry cookies. It seems like you have a busy week ahead of you. You’re ending with a Tailgater on Saturday, oh man! I love tailgating and I sure plan on bringing your cookies to my party. I’m sure they disappear but I usually never even make it to the stadium because I am too busy having fun watching the game in HD with my Tailgater from DISH. Working for DISH, my experience with this product has been great. The really neat feature is instead of searching for the perfect signal yourself it automatically does it for you. Plus its light-weight so no need to strain your muscles. If you’re ever in my town come down and party with us.