Over the Weekend..

This past weekend is one of the biggest in  Mississippi, along with this coming weekend (the Egg Bowl). This past weekend was the opening weekend of rifle season for deer hunting!! So, of course, the weekend was spent at the deer camp.. DUH.

On Friday night, we spent our time drinking a few cold ones around a bonfire and cooking steaks on the grill, while listening to country music and the boys stories from "opening weekends" of previous years. See this is the first year that us ladies were "allowed" to attend, so they filled us in on all the juicy details from years before.. yea right!! I'm still not sure if some of the boys were ok with us being there, but whatevs!!!

On Saturday morning, bright and early around 4:45, alarms were going off and the boys were up and at em' like it was Christmas morning, but Christmas morning only came for Cody!! And Mary Kathryn and Ben, but not in the form of a killed deer. When Cody tracked and found his deer, he also found a doggy!! So naturally, MK and Ben took the dog home. That makes 4... Good Lord I'd have a heart attack. Our 1 dog is too many for me. I believe they have settled on the name Otis.

Meet Otis
Otis meeting Rowdy, Olive and Pancho!

Us ladies woke up around 9 to the smells of bacon, eggs and biscuits.... homemade bacon that is. Yes, you read that right!! Homemade bacon... O my good-nesss. Delish!!

Then it was time to head home for Mary Kathryn, Otis and I. I then, proceeded to spend $10 at Sonic on lunch for just myself and spent the afternoon putting up my 10 foot Christmas tree, by myself. Got it out of storage and all. When Kendol came home from hunting I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I quickly got a phone call "Callie... how in the world did you get the Christmas tree put up by yourself??" I believe my exact response was "Bc I'm a hoss!!" (The only reason I put my Christmas tree up is bc I will not have time this week and we will be out of town all weekend and I will not have the energy to do it on Sunday. I am not a Thanksgiving skipper... it just made the most sense)

After an afternoon of tree decorating, we headed over to Colby and Tiffany's new house (right around the corner yiiippppeeee) for some hamburgers, rotel and football!!

Then Sunday morning we were off to Greenwood for #1 of 5 Thanksgiving feasts with my Momma's side of the family. Then back home for another afternoon full of decorating the "rest" of the house for Christmas, making banana pudding and blueberry cookies and some more football!!!

Once again.. I'm worn out just recapping...

Have a fantabulous "short" work week lovelies!!!!


  1. geesh callie you in the south have so many fun traditions that i soo want to be a part of!! seriously eac weekend you have something fun and amazing :-)

  2. that sounds like such a crazy but awesome weekend! and I've never had homemade bacon. that sounds incredible!

    Have a great Thanksgiving week!!

    ps- I've got a giveaway going on now & would love for you to stop by :) amyreneonline.com

  3. friday around the bonfire with country music sounds perfect!!

    And good to konw you aren't a Thanksgiving skipper ... I was going to have to have a talk with you. I'll let it slide since this was the only time you could put the tree up. I can't wait to get my tree this weekend AFTER thanksgiving!!! yay!

  4. tree decorating already?! love it! and those little pups

    Classic & Bubbly