Y'all... It's been nearly three months. THREE MONTHS... that's absurd. So, I'm just going to kick it off with a little recap.

1. First and foremost... Mississippi State won the Egg Bowl! Instead of freezing our booties off, Kendol and I opted to tailgate with my family. The tailgate was complete with awesome food, a big ole' pallet and a fire in the fireplace. Genius decision, I'd say!

2. We celebrated our last Christmas in our first house (if all goes as planned). This Christmas was a bit of a struggle to me, but it was a good one. Not only was it possibly our last Christmas in this house, but it also came amidst unemployment... And that meant Christmas had to be on a budget. Christmas on a budget?? That just seems absurd to me (ha). Christmas is the one time of year that I blow it out, so it was tough, but I made it through! (the struggle is real.. y'all)

3. I started back running in January after an embarrassingly long hiatus. We won't get into the specifics... Any who, I set myself a goal for 31 miles in 31 days in January and surpassed it.. BOOM. I even busted out two 4+ mile runs. High fives all around!! Contemplating another half.. Perhaps I'm crazy and I'm getting a little ahead of myself.. Moving right along.

4. Mallory and I made our annual girls trip to Memphis a few weeks ago for the Lisa Lassandrello 5K and weekend full of fun!! This year was pretty legit! The Grizzlies were at home, so we got to attend our first NBA game. And.. it just so happened to be $25 hoodie day... Jackpot! (I'm a bit of a hoodie whore) We also celebrated over drinks, dancing and some late night soul burgers at Ernestine & Hazels.. duh!

5. And lastly, we received a little snow last week down here in Mississippi! While it didn't really stick to the ground, it actually snowed consistently over the course of a day. I don't recall ever really seeing it snow. It's always happened while I was asleep.

Besides coordinating the best little southern wedding blog around and slinging crawfish beer at Mudbugs, that's my little life lately summed up in bullet points. You're welcome! Now let's see if I can maybe do a better job this go round... or maybe I'll see you in another three months.