"This is the day that the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Ok, so I'm going to switch things up a bit today and use the topic of FABULOUS FRIDAY! Let's face it, some days are just awful, but we have to remember that God has given us another day on this earth, so we must make the most of it. Well, this week has been nothing short of a nightmare, but God has still blessed me with a couple of FABULOUS things that have brought a smile to my face. Here they are, in all of their FABULOSITY!!

There's not much to say, except he's FABULOUS!

I don't know if there's anyone in the world (besides Meagan Rae, of course) who is more excited about this little cd of hers that is soon to be coming out. I can't freaking wait til her cd release parties. I will take a cd and a t-shirt.. please and thank you! I would take an 8x10 picture as well, but I already have one!
Doesn't she look FABULOUS on her cd cover?? I can't wait to hear all of the new songs! AAAAHHHHHH It's really happening folks :) I remember back in like first grade, the whole fam packed up and headed to Jackson for the Alan Jackson/Faith Hill concert. Before we went to the concert, we went to watch Meagan Rae in a talent show: black jeans, red cowboy boots, crazy cowgirl button up and a cowboy hat singing Mary Chapin Carpenter's "I Feel Lucky!" (i'm 99% positive that was the song) Her dreams are coming true, one step at a time. So proud :)

People.com released a sneak peak of the new "six pak" album from Blake Shelton this morning called "It's All About Tonight." I love him, so this has has made my day. I have been listening to the six songs on repeat since 8 a.m. Go check it out. "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" is FABULOUS.


All week I have been looking forward to heading to the Delta for the weekend and having dinner with 3 of my most favorite girls: Katie, Michaelle and Amanda. We will be dining at the FABULOUS Crystal Grill. Can't wait to catch up!!

This past Sunday, we turned Kendol's Manroom/Office into a Manroom/Office with a bed. I think it turned out pretty FAB!

Recently I have redecorated a couple of other things around the house, as well, that turned out FABULOUS!

I put in a new Toile shower curtain in the extra bathroom and decorated with some of my copper crosses and bowls from the MS Gift Company!

I did a little redecorating on this table as well. It needed spicing up a bit!

New gold/orange picture frame from Pier 1!! Super cute!

New bedspread!! Looks like a totally different room. Love it!

Enough about the house, Dillard's is having extra 30% off their sale items, so of course I had to go do a little retail therapy. Who can pass up sassy shoes for those prices

While at Dillard's, I also purchased some more of their awesome new "high lengths mascara." If you don't have any yet, I suggest you go get some. It's the bomb.

And last but not least, to finish out this FABULOUS FRIDAY afternoon, I am going to treat myself to the most FABULOUS thing on earth.

A Coca Cola Classic


So Blessed

Baby Names

Baby Lloyd has a name! As Ann-Hamilton put it "I have gotten something Monogrammed, so it's official" haha! Baby Lloyd's name is Hayes Miller Lloyd. She will go by Hayes. Both are family names on our side.

God's Love

Eleanor is going to Chrysalis today. I cannot believe she is old enough to go to Chrysalis and that it has been ten years since I went. What an awesome, awesome weekend with God. She is going to have so much fun and meet so many wonderful people. I admire her passion for God and for Church. She has such a strong faith and I know after this weekend her faith is going to be even stronger. I can't wait until Sunday to hear all about it.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his Only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

The Beach

I finally got to take a trip to the beach that was longer than a weekend. Needless to say, this trip was eventful. 8 girls, 3 cars and a precious 2 bedroom condo. As I've said before... I hate to drive... but where was I? In the driver's seat, leading the pack to a place I'd never been. The trip went pretty smoothly until we reached Seagrove. Then the GPS's quit working. You would have thought the world ended. We were so lost. I still don't understand how we used to get around without them. Once we finally found our condo, we spent the week on the beach and at the pool, eating way too much delicious seafood, buying out the polo outlet (and all of the baby stores), went to Cirque De Soleil (not the real one, of course), visited Seaside & the Baytowne Wharf and JuJu & KayKay even got to meet Archie Manning at the Old Florida Fish House.

P.S. I don't think it ever took more than an hour and a half for all 8 of us to get ready each afternoon to hit the town... No Lie!!

All 8 of us at the Old Florida Fish House, just seconds before Archie Manning walked in.

At the Back Porch (as if you couldn't tell)

Sara Grace, Eleanor and Chloe

1st Anniversary
On Sunday, Kendol and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. WOW... We still cannot believe it has been a year!! What an awesome year it has been. If it's true what they say about the first year being the hardest, then the rest of the years will be a breeze bc that was a peice of cake!!

In honor of our anniversary, here are some pictures from this past year!

After the beating "TSUN" in the Egg Bowl!! GO DAWGS

Our first Christmas!!

Our First Snowman!! Fully prepared for the Tailgate, of course!

The second the Saints won the Super Bowl! Kendol's been waiting on this moment for 25 years. GEAUX SAINTS!!

Fun weekend at the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale.

Delta Wedding!

4th of July at Eagle Lake

1st Anniversary Dinner at Tico's