Blessings All Around

As I quickly approach the two month mark, my spirit has been down. Way down. I have prayed continually for patience in God's amazing plan bc I know it will be amazing in His time (not mine). And I've prayed for guidance, guidance as to what I'm supposed to be doing while His amazing plan falls into place. I have had plenty of great days and I have had a few very bad days. But the truth is, there are way too many blessings all around me to spend my days saddened by my current situation.

Just over this past weekend..

My sister and her husband celebrated five years of marriage and their daughter Hayes will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on Saturday.

Two of our very best friends welcomed the most beautiful and healthy baby boy, Charlie, just months after coping with the loss of their first born.

Another great friend welcomed their first beautiful, healthy baby girl, Emma Reece.

A special friend from high school celebrated her wedding.

A special friend, of Kendol's from high school and friend of mine from college, celebrated her engagement.

A very special blogger friend of mine is celebrating her first day back to work today after 10 months of unemployment and has a precious little baby on the way.

And I spent the weekend with the love of my life and my best friends celebrating the marriage of one of my very closest friends.

And celebrating all of the blessings above.

What more could I ask for, really? The last few days have been filled with more joy than I've seen in a long time. Literally, there are blessings all around.

God is so good.

He fills my life with good things. Psalm 103:5