And no we're not talking Payless shoes...

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The gathering of great friends over a great pot luck spread and great drinks to celebrate Thanksgiving. Usually takes place the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (in our case).

Last night was the 5th Annual Friendsgiving at the Cummins. Yep, 5th annual. That means it's officially a well established event that now requires a t-shirt. Many (I'd say about 40) gathered over the biggest spread of pot luck dishes I've ever seen. This event is most certainly one of my favorites each year bc you get to experience what so many people have as their Thanksgiving staple which is completely different from yours. Anddd... there's usually multiple versions of each dish so you get to taste test everything!!

Friendsgiving Hubs
Momma needs a tan like nobody's business.
Should have been a ghost for Halloween..
Wouldn't have even needed a costume.

Friendsgiving Girls
Some of the best gals!

Friendsgiving Boots
Just some of the boys standing in a perfect little semi-circle with their matching square toes.
We decided we needed to see what kind of snazziness each of them had going on.
Country Boys and their Boots.

Friendsgiving Feast
Just a little view of the spread..
Of course, I am first in line..
Until next year..

Happy Friendsgiving!!


Happy Happy Happy

The past week or so has been filled with all kinds of goodness that's made me 
Happy, Happy, Happy!! 
(in the words of Mr. Phil Robertson). 

Kendol and I attended the last Mississippi State home  football game of the year and it was finally chilly enough to wear my precious scarf that my MIL made!! Love it. Also, I fell in love with my University even more than I thought was possible. Saturday was senior day and they had Nick Bell's name and number in the End Zone. Nick was a member of our football team that suddenly developed and passed away of cancer during the 2010 season. Saturday his life was celebrated by 50,000+ people and his Mama ran out of the tunnel in his place! I have never cried over a football game, but that one brought tears to the ole eyes for sure. We put a whooping on those Hogs and celebrated our 8th victory of the season with a full afternoon of tailgating in the Junction. Aaaand had a little visit with my bestest friend who came to town from Nashville.

This picture just makes my life.
Liz's husband Chris is a Kentucky and Vandy Alum.
He finally purchased and sported some MS State gear.
Happy, Happy, Happy 

Some other events that are making me Happy, Happy, Happy are:
~That new shiny ride you see up there!!! (New Pathfinder- Obsessed)
~The beautiful sky God blessed us with in our neighborhood last Thursday.
~The first of my Christmas gifts are wrapped. (I couldn't stand it any longer)
~I had a little craft session with my glue gun and my new found spool -o- burlap.
~Girls night last Friday at Keifers (no pics boo)
~My first, of five, Thanksgiving Feasts yesterday and the thoughts about the Friendsgiving tonight.
~That today is my Thursday and my Friday is a short day.
~Lunch with my Momma, Sister and Niece in just a minute!!

What's making you happy?


The iT Factor

You know when you find something that you absolutely LOVE and you think "That's iT.. Perfection"...and then you can never find it again? This is what's happened to me over the last few years. Yep, I found a brand of blue jeans that fit me like a glove (which is nearly impossible with wide hips and chicken legs.. seriously it's terrible) then it's like they vanished. 

There used to be the most precious clothing store in my hometown called "The Catwalk" (maybe I'm a little biased bc my best friend owned it) and they started carrying this brand of jeans. A brand that I had a never heard of, but quickly fell in love with, "iT Brand." I purchased two pair of these lovely jeans and literally wore them slap out. Ever since The Catwalk closed, the brand has been hard to come by around here. (Remember I live in MS... we don't have everything at our disposal) Until yesterday.... while on my lunch break.. I went into this precious little store in Highland Village thinking I was going to snag some good Christmas presents for the little gals on my list. Little did I know I was about to hit the jackpot for myself. They now sell clothing for adults? What? I thought this was a children/teen store? Within 30 seconds, I had forgotten what I even went in for and found myself in the dressing room surrounded by favorite brand of blue jeans. It was glorious. I left with two new pair (a size down to boot) and have never felt better about my purchases. I mean, whose day week isn't made with the purchase of new perfectly fitting trousers and skinnies? Merry Early Christmas to Meeee!

Photo VIA

I love discovering new brands of good denim bc you know what they say "All you need in life is Jesus and pair of good fittin' jeans!" (Can I get a AMEN!!) What is your favorite go to brand of jeans that seems to always have that "It Factor" for you??

O, and just for shits and giggles (bc we all know I am cosmotologically challenged.. Yea that's not a real word, but it will do), anyone have a super easy updo that I can try to pull off at 5 a.m. tomorrow? I am wearing a giant sweater scarf to the ballgame, so of course the hair has to go up bc I can't stand the stringy/static-y/sweater hair... Just the thought gives me the chills! If you don't help, I will be left looking like a boy.. bc that's what happens when I wear my hair in a ponytail.. And we don't want that now, do we?


What am I thankful for?

What am I thankful for?
This video.. that's what.
That is all.
For the love... Holy Moly.


Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's starting to get cold around here. I hate to be cold,  but it brings about some of my most favorite things. Bonfires and Fried Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole and Fires in the Fireplace and Flannel and Hot Chocolate and Scarves and Big Sweaters and Thanksgiving and Christmas and Family Time and Desserts and Christmas Presents with Big Bows and Sparkles and Lights and Parades and the Best Movies and the Best Music. And I could go on and on and on... Does everything about it (besides the whole being cold part) not just put the biggest smile on your face??

Source: amazon.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: stylezen.net via Callie on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: chicpins.com via Callie on Pinterest



Boy, can two years fly by.

I want to wish the Happiest of all birthday to my Precious Hayes!

Photos by Miki McCurdy Photography
Yesterday we celebrated my niece Hayes' birthday over hamburgers out at my parents house. 

At two, she has a broken arm from a tricycle wreck in her driveway.
She is so stubborn that she found a way to remove her first cast herself (under my watch at that).
She calls me "Ce Ce." (comes out as Thee Thee).
She calls Kendol "Marsh" (His nickname is Marve (from Home Alone) and it's much easier to say than Kendol baha)
She loves books and Minnie Mouse.
She loves to be outside and is a master at bug spotting.
Her favorite words are "No" and "M'On" (come on).

I cannot wait to see what the next two years have in store!!


90's Is That You?

Everywhere I look these days, something from the 90's is popping back up and I don't hate it. Let's be serious, can you really ever get any better than the 90's?? I think not. I don't think it's possible. 

First and foremost, they are making Clueless into a musical.
Yes you read that right..
I wonder if Alicia and Turk will be heading to Broadway?

Second, they are coming out with a new version of Boy Meets World...
With some original cast members... Supposedly
When can I set my DVR?

As you know, 90210 has been back for while now...
If you don't watch it, you should!
We are obsessed... Yes, I said we.
Man Card Revoked?

Mark Paul Gosselaar is back on my tv screen....
Please tell me you watch Franklin & Bash?
Zack Morris in a suit.
Plus it's hysterical.

 And lastly, we have been watching Nashville and we are obsessed. There is a boy on there that I have been trying for weeks to figure out how I know him. (Yea, I could've just looked at the credits....shut up) And I FINALLY figured it out. He's only from my favorite movie of all time. Jonathan Jackson is back on my t.v. screen folks!! Who else out there LOVED  LOVES "Camp Nowhere?" My sister and I rented it once at "Fun Flicks" and I'm pretty sure we watched it 17 times in the two day period. My favorite "Dad! Dad! Whoaaaa Nelly Dad!!" I'm pretty sure Kendol is about to kill me bc I say that every two seconds since I figured out who he was.

From this:

Pretty sure this was one of the posters on my wall as a  tween... right beside Justin Timberlake, Andrew Keegan, Devan Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, N'SYNC, Shannon Miller and the Magnificent Seven Gymnasts. True Story.

To this:
Source: google.com via Gwyn on Pinterest

The only thing that could make any of this 90's goodness any better is if there was an N'SYNC reunion and/or they brought back Saved By The Bell with the original cast members and their kids... Yes, Zack and Kelly would be married with gorgeous kiddos... and so would Jessie and Slater.. Slater would be a coach at BaySide, DUH! Screech would be a teacher and Lisa would be a fashion designer. As for Jessie... she'd be the hot mess.

Have I ever told you that the first night Kendol and I ever hung out, we watched my Saved By The Bell dvd's.... Love, I tell ya!


True Life: Callie Collins

You know when you are standing in a line and there's always "those" people? The one who annoys the shizz out of everyone bc they find it necessary to turn into Chatty Cathy? Meanwhile the person they are talking to, along with everyone else around, secretly just wants to punch them in the face so they'll shut up. Or the poor lady who had to bring along two screaming children under the age of 3? Bless her heart. Or the one who thinks they can just walk up to the front of the line, like they are The Prez himself or something?

Needless to say, after standing outside in 50 degree weather, next to a garbage dump for almost two hours to vote, I need some funny in my life. . I mean, we all need something funny to distract from the ridiculous political craziness going on on all social media. Am I right? Or am I right?

So here goes nothing. 

P.S. speaking of "How I Met Your Mother," has anyone else had issues with it not recording on DVR the last two weeks? Ours is scheduled to record and always has except last week and last night... UGHHH

TRUE LIFE: Callie Collins
Brought to you by Some E-Cards

This is the most true/hysterical e-card ever... especially if you know my husband..

Guilty: Everyday

Guilty: I can't help what my brain thinks up.. You just never know.

Or Blake and Miranda!! Just sayin..

Source: tapiture.com via Callie on Pinterest

Story of my life..

Source: yfrog.com via Callie on Pinterest

Long live Black Box Wine!


All day, every day..

TRUE STORY.. Do not mess..



Over the Weekend... Over Productive

This weekend actually seemed to last a little while and I was actually able to get a few things accomplished. I guess there really is an advantage to an 11 a.m. kickoff, after all. 

On Friday night, Kendol and I went to our friend Stephanie's Daddy's Surprise 60th Birthday party. What a fun bunch. There was a band and karaoke and a few even ended up in the pool. 

We left right before people started getting thrown in the pool bc we had to be up bright and early to head to Starkville. Although I am by no means a morning person (i.e. I really don't speak until after lunch), it sure was a sight to watch the sun come up on the drive. And the clouds were so low, we were driving through them. Craziest thing I've ever seen. 

We were some of the very first in The Junction (as usual) and it was a beautiful day with good friends! The coaches wives tailgate next to us and they had a band after the game. It definitely helped in lifting everyone's spirits! With the early kickoff, we were able to get home in time for the Alabama/ LSU game. With the 5 a.m. wake up call, I missed the last (and best) few minutes of the game. Dang it. I could no longer keep my eyes open.

Sunday, O how I loved you and your extra hour of sleep. I was up and at em' getting all sorts of things accomplished. Four and a half Christmas presents bought. Christmas cards designed and ordered!! (P.S. Shutterfly has an "Up to 30% Off Holiday Cards" going on right now) Hot chocolate consumed while losing my mind in Target. Five Guys also consumed. Lots of football watched. Fall candles burned. Caught up on all shows from the week. And the hubs cooked one of my favorite suppers. 

I'd have to say, it was one for the books!

How was your weekend? What craziness did you get into?