True Life: Callie Collins

You know when you are standing in a line and there's always "those" people? The one who annoys the shizz out of everyone bc they find it necessary to turn into Chatty Cathy? Meanwhile the person they are talking to, along with everyone else around, secretly just wants to punch them in the face so they'll shut up. Or the poor lady who had to bring along two screaming children under the age of 3? Bless her heart. Or the one who thinks they can just walk up to the front of the line, like they are The Prez himself or something?

Needless to say, after standing outside in 50 degree weather, next to a garbage dump for almost two hours to vote, I need some funny in my life. . I mean, we all need something funny to distract from the ridiculous political craziness going on on all social media. Am I right? Or am I right?

So here goes nothing. 

P.S. speaking of "How I Met Your Mother," has anyone else had issues with it not recording on DVR the last two weeks? Ours is scheduled to record and always has except last week and last night... UGHHH

TRUE LIFE: Callie Collins
Brought to you by Some E-Cards

This is the most true/hysterical e-card ever... especially if you know my husband..

Guilty: Everyday

Guilty: I can't help what my brain thinks up.. You just never know.

Or Blake and Miranda!! Just sayin..

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Story of my life..

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Long live Black Box Wine!


All day, every day..

TRUE STORY.. Do not mess..



  1. LOL! Are we twins or something!? Seriously, those cards describe me too! Hysterical!!! I especially love the very last one! & I know what you mean about being stuck in line with "those" people! Happened to me just this last weekend!!!

  2. goodness gracious callie! is that the line for your voting place this morning?? god bless america!

  3. Oh my goodness...THANK YOU! I needed this. I had an exam yesterday and TWO today. I was due for something funny to brighten my day!! And just wanna say THANK YOU for waiting 2 hours to vote. Seriously...there are so many who are too lazy for that and just say to hell with it. And that's why our country is in shambles the way it is. Not necessarily because of our President...but because of all the LAZINESS! Rant over. Haha, hope the rest of your day gets better!! :)

  4. Love this post!! Totally needed a good laugh! Thank you!

  5. That line is crazy! Love the humor!! Thanks for that!!

  6. This post made me laugh! Thanks :) I really think you and I were destined to be friends. Every single one of those ecards is about my life. Swear.

  7. Seriously laughing at these! Love someecards!! And the himym one is awesome!