The iT Factor

You know when you find something that you absolutely LOVE and you think "That's iT.. Perfection"...and then you can never find it again? This is what's happened to me over the last few years. Yep, I found a brand of blue jeans that fit me like a glove (which is nearly impossible with wide hips and chicken legs.. seriously it's terrible) then it's like they vanished. 

There used to be the most precious clothing store in my hometown called "The Catwalk" (maybe I'm a little biased bc my best friend owned it) and they started carrying this brand of jeans. A brand that I had a never heard of, but quickly fell in love with, "iT Brand." I purchased two pair of these lovely jeans and literally wore them slap out. Ever since The Catwalk closed, the brand has been hard to come by around here. (Remember I live in MS... we don't have everything at our disposal) Until yesterday.... while on my lunch break.. I went into this precious little store in Highland Village thinking I was going to snag some good Christmas presents for the little gals on my list. Little did I know I was about to hit the jackpot for myself. They now sell clothing for adults? What? I thought this was a children/teen store? Within 30 seconds, I had forgotten what I even went in for and found myself in the dressing room surrounded by favorite brand of blue jeans. It was glorious. I left with two new pair (a size down to boot) and have never felt better about my purchases. I mean, whose day week isn't made with the purchase of new perfectly fitting trousers and skinnies? Merry Early Christmas to Meeee!

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I love discovering new brands of good denim bc you know what they say "All you need in life is Jesus and pair of good fittin' jeans!" (Can I get a AMEN!!) What is your favorite go to brand of jeans that seems to always have that "It Factor" for you??

O, and just for shits and giggles (bc we all know I am cosmotologically challenged.. Yea that's not a real word, but it will do), anyone have a super easy updo that I can try to pull off at 5 a.m. tomorrow? I am wearing a giant sweater scarf to the ballgame, so of course the hair has to go up bc I can't stand the stringy/static-y/sweater hair... Just the thought gives me the chills! If you don't help, I will be left looking like a boy.. bc that's what happens when I wear my hair in a ponytail.. And we don't want that now, do we?


  1. What about a sock bun? You tube the how to. It's cute and easy!! :) Have fun!!

  2. ive never heard of this brand and obviously havent tried a pair on but you are making me want to run to the mall to find out what stores carry this brand and try them on!

  3. The clothing store in Pontotoc sells (or at least used to sell) iT jeans! I'm cheap and I wear Forever21 jeans, though! $10.50 and they fit me perfectly!

  4. cal, do the sock bun ! they're cute & easy. i've done one & if i can do it - anyone can.

  5. I still have my first pair of !iT jeans from college!! They're my favorite and they're affordable! The store I am working in has some velvet ones that are to die for!!

    I have tried the "bun" look but I got a donut from Sallys which helped, but it took a minute to get hair all around. Good thing was it stayed put all day and it looked cute :)