90's Is That You?

Everywhere I look these days, something from the 90's is popping back up and I don't hate it. Let's be serious, can you really ever get any better than the 90's?? I think not. I don't think it's possible. 

First and foremost, they are making Clueless into a musical.
Yes you read that right..
I wonder if Alicia and Turk will be heading to Broadway?

Second, they are coming out with a new version of Boy Meets World...
With some original cast members... Supposedly
When can I set my DVR?

As you know, 90210 has been back for while now...
If you don't watch it, you should!
We are obsessed... Yes, I said we.
Man Card Revoked?

Mark Paul Gosselaar is back on my tv screen....
Please tell me you watch Franklin & Bash?
Zack Morris in a suit.
Plus it's hysterical.

 And lastly, we have been watching Nashville and we are obsessed. There is a boy on there that I have been trying for weeks to figure out how I know him. (Yea, I could've just looked at the credits....shut up) And I FINALLY figured it out. He's only from my favorite movie of all time. Jonathan Jackson is back on my t.v. screen folks!! Who else out there LOVED  LOVES "Camp Nowhere?" My sister and I rented it once at "Fun Flicks" and I'm pretty sure we watched it 17 times in the two day period. My favorite "Dad! Dad! Whoaaaa Nelly Dad!!" I'm pretty sure Kendol is about to kill me bc I say that every two seconds since I figured out who he was.

From this:

Pretty sure this was one of the posters on my wall as a  tween... right beside Justin Timberlake, Andrew Keegan, Devan Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, N'SYNC, Shannon Miller and the Magnificent Seven Gymnasts. True Story.

To this:
Source: google.com via Gwyn on Pinterest

The only thing that could make any of this 90's goodness any better is if there was an N'SYNC reunion and/or they brought back Saved By The Bell with the original cast members and their kids... Yes, Zack and Kelly would be married with gorgeous kiddos... and so would Jessie and Slater.. Slater would be a coach at BaySide, DUH! Screech would be a teacher and Lisa would be a fashion designer. As for Jessie... she'd be the hot mess.

Have I ever told you that the first night Kendol and I ever hung out, we watched my Saved By The Bell dvd's.... Love, I tell ya!


  1. I LOVE THIS so much. Absolutely LOVE. I seriously want to see the Clueless musical...and I am just in shock that Boy Meets World is getting a new spin--I AM SO PUMPED about that, it's kind of ridiculous how happy it makes me. And I love your SBTB predictions...maybe one day they'll actually listen to the fans and do THAT!

  2. I love this! So excited about the Clueless musical :) I just came across your blog and love it! New follower. I just started a blog and would love if you visited and feel free to follow back :) xo


  3. let's discuss our mutual love for camp nowhere, okay? andrew keegan. love of my youth. i could quote that movie verbatim!!! :)

  4. OMGGGG!! I heard about the new Boy Meets World show and I almost screamed. I am sooooooo excited :) Love me some Cory & Topanga!

  5. I lived for Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell!! My all-time favorites, for sure. Can't wait for this sequel!!

    I don't remember Jonathan Jackson from Camp Nowhere...I remember him from Tuck Everlasting in the early 00's. Loved him in that! Such a cutie pie.

  6. Who doesn't love the 90's?! I'm dying to find out if the Boy Meets World show is real!?! How awesome would that be!!


  7. LOOOOOVE. Devon Sawa was on a tv show recently (but I don't remember what it was because I never watched it). He and Jonathan Jackson were my FAVES. And I LOVE Camp Nowhere.

  8. Clueless musical?! I'm in!!

    And Navid totally lives in a building right behind my work. I've seen him walking his dog a few times. Weirdly, he's always in pjs lol!

    And I LOVE me some MPG. I watch Franklin & Bash because of him :)