Happy Happy Happy

The past week or so has been filled with all kinds of goodness that's made me 
Happy, Happy, Happy!! 
(in the words of Mr. Phil Robertson). 

Kendol and I attended the last Mississippi State home  football game of the year and it was finally chilly enough to wear my precious scarf that my MIL made!! Love it. Also, I fell in love with my University even more than I thought was possible. Saturday was senior day and they had Nick Bell's name and number in the End Zone. Nick was a member of our football team that suddenly developed and passed away of cancer during the 2010 season. Saturday his life was celebrated by 50,000+ people and his Mama ran out of the tunnel in his place! I have never cried over a football game, but that one brought tears to the ole eyes for sure. We put a whooping on those Hogs and celebrated our 8th victory of the season with a full afternoon of tailgating in the Junction. Aaaand had a little visit with my bestest friend who came to town from Nashville.

This picture just makes my life.
Liz's husband Chris is a Kentucky and Vandy Alum.
He finally purchased and sported some MS State gear.
Happy, Happy, Happy 

Some other events that are making me Happy, Happy, Happy are:
~That new shiny ride you see up there!!! (New Pathfinder- Obsessed)
~The beautiful sky God blessed us with in our neighborhood last Thursday.
~The first of my Christmas gifts are wrapped. (I couldn't stand it any longer)
~I had a little craft session with my glue gun and my new found spool -o- burlap.
~Girls night last Friday at Keifers (no pics boo)
~My first, of five, Thanksgiving Feasts yesterday and the thoughts about the Friendsgiving tonight.
~That today is my Thursday and my Friday is a short day.
~Lunch with my Momma, Sister and Niece in just a minute!!

What's making you happy?


  1. I love this post! You look adorable and I am loving that wreath craft you did! xo


  2. oh yay!! I didn't know Nick Bell's mom ran out in his place. My respect for MSU just increased as well. I cried the day of Coach Mullens' press release from when he passed away. Such a sad loss. Congrats on that new shiny vehicle. Is that a Rogue? My friend just got a black one with everything you could possibly get on one. She loves it!! I had to work Monday and today, so I am excited that today is my Friday. Have a happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  3. That picture of the sky is amazing! And what a great way to celebrate someones life...I almost cried reading about it, couldn't imagine if I was actually there!


  4. So glad that you are happy, happy, happy! Love the Duck Dynasty reference too :)