Happy Maroon Friday

Down here in Mississippi, particularly Mississippi State lovin' patrons, we wear maroon on Friday in support of our beloved bulldogs. It's known around these parts as "Maroon Friday" and it's crazy how many people participate. It makes my day, every single time, to see so many men downtown in their maroon polos, maroon plaid button ups or maroon ties! Not only that, but people tweet their pictures in to our Athletic Director from all over the world each Friday... all with the caption "Happy Maroon Friday from...(whatever fantistical destination they are at)." 

Well today is a special "Maroon Friday" for us bulldogs all over the world. 
We are the only school in the nation to have 1st round draft picks in the NFL, MLB and NBA. 


I'd say our Dawgs have been grindin', for sure!

(O, yea! We say grindin' and spell Dawgs like that on purpose too... drives others nuts... love it)

Down here we also have a billboard war with Ole Miss and Southern Miss. It's pretty fantastic and I love seeing all of the little jabs we give each other. I love a little rivalry fun and I give major props to each school's marketing departments. 

A few years ago, our marketing department started a genius billboard slogan after winning the "Egg Bowl" which is the yearly rivalry game with Ole Miss. The billboard stated "This is OUR state"... meaning for the next year, we were the supreme football team of Mississippi. Well since then, we have won the yearly game two more times so the slogan is still going in full force! 

After Arnett Moultrie's draft to the Heat last night (later traded to the Philadelphia 76ers), our marketing team was in over drive and already has the next beauty ready to go.

3 Mississippi State guys in Phili now? Looks like the Collins need to make a little trip, I'd say. 


...from the cube!!!


A Little Q & A on a Thurs-day

I have been passed on a few awards in the blogosphere and what better day than today to pass them on to others and let all of my new readers learn a little bit more about me. Sound like a plan?

The first set of questions comes from Shayna and is all about beauty. I mean, who doesn't love to chat about beauty products?

1. What is your current beauty obsession?
I am currently really into Mascara and fingernail polish. I seriously have like 6 different mascaras in my make-up bag. Psycho! But they are all ELF, so that makes it ok, right? I also have an addiction to purchasing the polish.. Whoopsy!!

2. What is one beauty product you wished you owned?
Hmmm... I would really love the have the Naked Pallets 1 and 2. I hear they are fabulous and all of the colors are exactly what I wear on a daily basis but I'm just too cheap to go buy them. 

3. What kind of post are your favorite to read and write?
I love reading posts about people's lives. What they are really like and what life is like in their little piece of the world. Everything is so different down here in Mississippi that I love hearing how things are elsewhere. I'm nosy, I suppose. These type posts are the most natural to me and my favorite to write, as well.

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
I was introduced to blogging by my friends Meagan Rae, Elizabeth and Rachel. I loved reading their posts and finally decided to have my own. Simple as that.

5. What color nail polish are you currently wearing?
I am currently rocking Essie "Turquoise and Caicos" and I am obsessed. It is the most fun icy, turquoise. I'm sure the folks at work think I am a little crazy, but O well!!

Source: google.com via Alice on Pinterest

Next set of questions is came to me from Lauran, The Real Young Housewife of  Southern Virginia.

. What is your profession?
I work in individual disability underwriting. Need a life or disability insurance policy? Hit a girl up!
I am also a stylist for Stella and Dot

2. How would you describe your style?
Simple. Comfortable. Slightly hippie. Slightly girl next door. 
Ok, Ok... it's a little all over the place. 

3. What one make-up product can you not live without? 
I would say eyeliner. If I don't have on eyeliner, you would never even know I had on make-up. 

4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be?
Ooooo that's a tough one. I will have to go with Blake and Miranda. I just think it would be a helluva time.

Source: people.com via Layla on Pinterest

Or Justin Timberlake... I mean, he's been my boyfriend since elementary so he would naturally be my best friend, right? Swoooon

Source: decor8blog.com via Nann on Pinterest

5. What is your dream vacation? 
I would love to go to Paris... or on an African Safari, which is weird bc I don't even like animals... or to any tropical island, of course. But the main thing I would love to experience is New York City at Christmas. Christmas is my all time favorite, like I would have a Christmas tree up year round if Kendol would allow, and I just think there's something so magical about it. Dying to go.

Source: google.com via Aimee on Pinterest

6. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Delta Magazine, of course!! 
My one and only.

 7. If you could have any special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be?
I would love to be musically talented in any way, any instrument or vocally. I am not picky. I just love music and would love to say that I could participate in something I love so much. My singing abilities are horrendous to say the least... I mean I sound like a boy when I talk, so when I sing it's just really bad.

For now, I shall just dance on.

8. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy and bacon, obviously.

9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job?
I would love to work in fashion or sports. 
Can you imagine being a model and getting to wear all of those glamorous and crazy clothes? 
I would just die...
Or can you imagine being Erin Andrews? Could a job be any more fun than that? I think not.

10. What is your guilty pleasure?
Sonic cokes. 
Reality T.V. 

I guess that's enough about me for the day!! I am passing this along to anyone and everyone. I would love to learn all about you... bc I'm nosy remember?


Misikko Dream Package

Holy cow. I was contacted by Misikko about a dream package give-away. Dream is right. I have heard NOTHING but great reviews on their products from other bloggers, such as the "Hana" Hairdryers an Flatirons.

Onto the dream give-away: 
$350 in free product!! 
You best believe, I was all over this. 
Potentially free hair products? 
Yes, please!!

1. HANAair Professional Hair Dryer- "The Premiere Hair Dryer"
2. HANA Professional 1 Inch Flat Iron
3. OPI "Summer Blues" Giftset

Guesst What!?!You can enter too. All you have to do is blog about what products you would choose if you were to win the $350 in free products and post the blog post to their Facebook Wall. Simple as that. 

Debby Downer

So Friday after work, us gals headed down to Seaside, FL for our annual beach trip. Little did we know, Debby was lurking in the distance, ready to attack. While we are safe and the weather never got too bad where we were, our vacation was cut short by 2 days due to rain.. and wind. We enjoyed lots of good food, good girl time and one morning on the beach. The rest was spent shopping and watching movies in the condo waiting for the rain to slack off. Once the rain slacked off on Monday morning, we decided to try the beach but the wind was blowing so hard the sand was miserable. At this point, we decided to have one last meal at Stinky's Fishcamp and head home to beat the bad weather. 

Little did we know, Debby was done with Seaside and we could have had all day yesterday on the beach. Instead Ann-Hamilton, Hayes and I spent our day eating sushi and going to the pool in the bright, bright sunshine.

I still managed to get a few pictures in... of course.

Hayes and Da Da

Pittman Gals

Umm... Who knew these newly weds were going to be there?

The Corner Garden in Seaside.

Smelling the pretty flowers.


Well Hello Debby... Nice to see you.
Instead of bronzing my buns in the ocean breeze, it's back to the cube. 
Until next year, Seaside..


Nitty Gritty

Today, we are going back to the basics. Getting down to the nitty gritty of it all, if you will. The reason I started this blog was to keep a scrapbook of sorts of all of the things, people and events that God has blessed and continues to bless me with in this journey of life. And today, I am so blessed. The good news from every which-a-way just has a smile plastered on my face. So let's begin, shall we?

First and foremost, I hit the two year mark on this here blog! All together now "YYYAAAYYY!!" What?? I can't believe it has been that long. It seems like just yesterday, I was stalking Simple Little Joys just wishing I had the nerve to blog myself. What a great two years it has been of y'all so graciously reading my nonsense. Y'all are crazy!

Secondly, I hit 200 followers on here yesterday! What!! 200 people want to read what I have to say? That is huge for me. You just hit 200 followers and you've been blogging for 2 years, you say? Yep, that is correct. And something I am proud of. I did not host 4,000 give-away's just to reach 1,000 followers in 3 months. I just write. And share my fashion loves. And my home decor loves. And keep you up to date on my life and all the lovely things going on down here in good ole Mississippi. And crazily enough, y'all actually want to read about that. It just makes my day.. So thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.

Next up, God has blessed me with a great new job as a Stella and Dot Stylist. You may say, big deal? But for me this is huge. I am no salesman and it's definitely wayyyy out of my personality to try something challenging like this. But I LOVE IT and to my delight, I have been quite successful!! It is such a fun way to earn some extra moolah and has been such a blessing. I am so glad that God gave me that little push that made me dive right into it! It's fabulous.... and not to mention I get to wear gorg jewelry everyday..

One more month of the 45 minute commutes to downtown... not that I am counting down our move at work or anything...

I have been working out like a mad woman lately and I'm loving it. I am FINALLY seeing progress after 2 1/2 years which makes me want to work harder. I have been running and running and running for forever it seems and my time is finally starting to improve. I looked down on Wednesday to see that I was running at a pace of 8:35... WHAT? Not sure how long that actually lasted, but it happened... and that's all that matters. I am an 11 minute mile kind of gal. Awesomeness.

Eleanor (baby sister) got head cheerleader!! Get it girl!! I just love this! (but then it makes me feel like a bit of a loser that I was the only sis not to have the honor... Gah) O, and she made All-American at camp last week... and as I type, she is at her very last day of Betty Aden Dance Camp Ever. Sad. Good thing Hayes will start going in just a few years. So wish I could be at the program this afternoon :( Best of luck Sista Girl!

And finally, yesterday I hit the jackpot at the Old Navy swim suit sale... You should most definitely hit that up!! Up to 60% off plus a 15% off coupon. I felt like I was robbing the place! Y'all didn't think this was all going to be serious did you?

And now I am off to celebrate all of the above and get my tan on with a gals trip to the beach with the Mom, Sisters and Niece.


He fills my life with good things. 
Psalm 103:5


Story Of My Life

Yesterday, while trying to get things together for O, How Pinteresting Wednesdays I found myself knee deep in Ecards... each of which I replied "Story Of My Life!" It is seriously like these people are lurking in the walls of my house stalking out their next joke.. at my expense. 

While they make me laugh (literally out loud) most every time, the sad thing is that they are all way too true.

Ok, seriously. I never keep leftovers unless it's something like spaghetti or chili. Something that can be frozen. But when we have friends over and they are helping with the kitchen after a cookout, they always love to save the leftovers.... like most normal people. I don't know how many times I have to  tell them but I am just going to throw it away or let it sit and rot for months bc I don't know it's there.
UhhhHmmmm Krista... Cough Cough Stephanie... Cough..
Kidding Chicas!
Love you, Mean it.

I can get a house spotless (to the naked eye anyways) quicker than you can say "Someone's on their way over." It is a true skill.

This is me every single day of my life.
I cherish my sleep more than words can say.
Even that very last few seconds.
Just one more minute.... 

I do not speak until after lunch. I advise any and all people to steer clear, unless you are telling me something awesome... then I might listen... Maybe..

You have been warned!

Doesn't this just make you sick? Work our butts off so others can sit on their porches and watch the cars pass... Completely fair.

Story of my life. 

5 Times.... I do this every. single. freakin'. time. Never fails. 

Speaks for itself.

Everyone always tells me this.... Little do they know..
(Kidding... Kinda)

And the moral of this blog post, Callie is lazy and lovin' it!


Mr. Rogers

I have a new obsession and  his name is Mr. Rogers, Mr. Jack Rogers that is. I was not familiar with these sandals until recently and I did not understand the trend, necessarily. Lately, I have seen bloggers modeling these sandals in their pictures and I have suddenly fallen in love. Why wouldn't I be? They are the perfect, simple, classic sandal for a southern lady. 

I, of course, want the black bc I am in desperate need of a good black sandal, but the maroon ones are so fun for upcoming football season. And they have monogrammed ones... What!?! College Colors Combos, Sorority Color Combos and even monograms..  It's like a southern bells heaven. They found the way to our hearts, for sure. Bless 'em!! 

And not to mention, they come in different widths... Narrow shoe? I've died and gone to shoe heaven.

Why must everything be so expensive??
Somebody, Anybody?
My birthday is in two weeeeeeeeeeeks.... 
That's my whiny voice, P.S.

Now for a few fabulous outfits that I would sport my new Jack Rogers with.

Source: thefancy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Now, don't you want some too?
For those of you who have them, are they just as fabulous as I think they are in my head?


The Best. Period.

I'm a few days late on the Father's Day post... Whoopsy.
I was out of town on Sunday and already had a post for yesterday.

What to even say about my Daddy... 
(or Diddy as I supposedly say it) 
He hates the internet... especially being on it.
So I'll keep it short and sweet.
The sweetest man on the planet.

My favorite picture ever.
Just getting down to some rap music with a few of his favorite ladies.
We clearly have choreographed dance moves to whatever song was playing...
Just keepin' it classy.

And let's not forget about the Father-in-Law!
The BEST a girl could have.

Just going for a little Father's Day cruise in his new gift to himself!

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.
Philippians 1:3

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


Over the Weekend..

Another weekend. 
Another Wedding. 
Another weekend in Memphis with my best friends.
I could get used to this.
The sweetest weekend for Kate and Jack. 
Everything was perfect. 

Good Ole' Memphis BBQ at the Rehearsal Dinner.
They had me at Mac n' Cheese...

Best Friends a girl could ask for!

I seriously don't think they could be any sweeter!
You think Jack's a little bit of an Auburn fan?
As much as I want to hate it... it's the bomb..

Gramma gettin' down!

They didn't really think we were all getting out of there without some fools getting in the fountain did they?

Almost sounds like a drink doesn't it? 

Mingle 240