Mr. Rogers

I have a new obsession and  his name is Mr. Rogers, Mr. Jack Rogers that is. I was not familiar with these sandals until recently and I did not understand the trend, necessarily. Lately, I have seen bloggers modeling these sandals in their pictures and I have suddenly fallen in love. Why wouldn't I be? They are the perfect, simple, classic sandal for a southern lady. 

I, of course, want the black bc I am in desperate need of a good black sandal, but the maroon ones are so fun for upcoming football season. And they have monogrammed ones... What!?! College Colors Combos, Sorority Color Combos and even monograms..  It's like a southern bells heaven. They found the way to our hearts, for sure. Bless 'em!! 

And not to mention, they come in different widths... Narrow shoe? I've died and gone to shoe heaven.

Why must everything be so expensive??
Somebody, Anybody?
My birthday is in two weeeeeeeeeeeks.... 
That's my whiny voice, P.S.

Now for a few fabulous outfits that I would sport my new Jack Rogers with.

Source: thefancy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Now, don't you want some too?
For those of you who have them, are they just as fabulous as I think they are in my head?


  1. Jack Rogers are the BEST! Can't believe you are just recently finding out about them!!! xoxo!

  2. I've never heard of Jack Rogers, but that's probably because my shoe budget is a little more Payless-y and a little less expensive (#gradstudentproblems). Regardless, beautiful!

  3. i just got my first pair in platinum and love them!! you can order from zappos or nordstrom with free shipping! i bought mine at nordstrom store just to be certain on my sizing. hoping they get worn in real quick as i hear they can be nightmares in terms of blisters,etc.

  4. i don't know how important brand names are to you, but lots of stores have knock-off jacks! i have a pair that i wear daily that i swear look EXACTLY like jack rogers. for real, they should be illegal. and they're super comfortable because they don't have the real wooden heel! the kind i have come in gold, silver, black, & white :)

    new follower! xo

  5. ohhh now I have a new obsession with those sandals!!! beautiful! and I love your pins!!


  6. Those monogram ones are cute!

  7. Shut your face!! Jack Rogers? I'm going to have to check this out.