Little Secret

I have a little secret..

I liked Dallas.

There, I said it.

Ok.. Ok.. 


Happy, Kendol?

Serioulsy, I have been making fun of Kendol and giving him hell for the last few months over how excited he was that Dallas was coming back. He would seriously get giddy when previews came on.

See, he has an obsession with old movies... especially westerns. Most of which do not interest me AT ALL, so I just knew this was another one of his obsessions that would be Mizz.. (they aren't really as bad as I make them out to be....but that's another secret... shhhh)


Insert Foot In Mouth.

Drama. Scandal. Cowboy Hats. Honkey Tonks.

What's not to love?

Seriously.. anything involving hotties in cowboy hats is A-OK with me!!
My weakness.

For instance:

Source: bit.ly via rochel on Pinterest

Source: knudsenhats.com via Don on Pinterest


Only problem with the show... they all drive sports cars.

If you are from Texas and live on a ranch... you drive a truck.
Period. The end.

A country boy in a car is like country singer in skinny jeans.
It's just not ok.
Not ok with me anyways...

And John Ross looks greasy and dirty.. 
Must get that guy a new hair cut, stat!

Ok, I admit I loved the show!!
Kendol wins!

But not for long..

 That does not mean I will watch all 49 seasons of the original.
I have a deal going with Kendol. 
He watches one of my old favorites for every original season of Dallas, I watch.
And I'm starting with "The Wizard of Oz."
The one movie Kendol hates the most... he'll never watch it.
Callie wins!!
Then I'm moving on to "Little Orphan Annie."
Can you believe Kendol's never seen it? 

No, but seriously... now Kendol gets to hear, more than ever before, about how I want to pack up and move to Texas. Wear my cowboy boots everyday and go honkey tonkin'. He is going to regret me watching this in no time!

I can see it now.

Callie Takes Texas!
See I'll fit right in..


  1. Ha! Not sure about the show , but Texas would be fun. I've got friends who live in Austin & they seriously wear cowboy boots EVERY DAY!

  2. Kind of loved the show last night. I told my aunt that it may be the new obsession for us!

  3. LOL the last pic is hilarious!

    UGH I didn't know it came on already. I am not dying to see it but I'll give it a go :)

  4. You would fit in PERFECTLY!!! Soon to be trending... #Callie&KendolMove2Texas HAHA!