Friday Favs

I am going to take you on a little tour of my dream rustic/country home. 
Room by Room. 
Get excited. 
I die.

Favorite Porch:

Favorite Entry Way:

Favorite Laundry Room:
Source: loghome.com via Callie on Pinterest

Favorite Kitchen:

Favorite Breakfast Area:

Favorite Dining Room:

Favorite Living Room:

Favorite Nook:

Favorite Bedroom:

Favorite Guest Room:

Favorite Bathroom:

Favorite Hallway:

Favorite Backdoor:

Come on back now!
Ya hear?

And... tell ya Momma n' Em


  1. ooh i love your style-very cozy!

  2. as i was scrolling down i just kept saying to myself ahh i love i love then my voice got louder and louder because it just kept getting better and better!!

  3. i love this! i want a rustic country home!

  4. Um, can you move here and let me be your roommate? That wouldn't be weird or anything!

  5. Umm... We will have identical houses! I love it all!!! Gah, don't just love being able to dream about future homes!? So much fun!