Happy Maroon Friday

Down here in Mississippi, particularly Mississippi State lovin' patrons, we wear maroon on Friday in support of our beloved bulldogs. It's known around these parts as "Maroon Friday" and it's crazy how many people participate. It makes my day, every single time, to see so many men downtown in their maroon polos, maroon plaid button ups or maroon ties! Not only that, but people tweet their pictures in to our Athletic Director from all over the world each Friday... all with the caption "Happy Maroon Friday from...(whatever fantistical destination they are at)." 

Well today is a special "Maroon Friday" for us bulldogs all over the world. 
We are the only school in the nation to have 1st round draft picks in the NFL, MLB and NBA. 


I'd say our Dawgs have been grindin', for sure!

(O, yea! We say grindin' and spell Dawgs like that on purpose too... drives others nuts... love it)

Down here we also have a billboard war with Ole Miss and Southern Miss. It's pretty fantastic and I love seeing all of the little jabs we give each other. I love a little rivalry fun and I give major props to each school's marketing departments. 

A few years ago, our marketing department started a genius billboard slogan after winning the "Egg Bowl" which is the yearly rivalry game with Ole Miss. The billboard stated "This is OUR state"... meaning for the next year, we were the supreme football team of Mississippi. Well since then, we have won the yearly game two more times so the slogan is still going in full force! 

After Arnett Moultrie's draft to the Heat last night (later traded to the Philadelphia 76ers), our marketing team was in over drive and already has the next beauty ready to go.

3 Mississippi State guys in Phili now? Looks like the Collins need to make a little trip, I'd say. 


...from the cube!!!


  1. I Love towns that get super into their college sports teams! Happy Maroon Friday love!


  2. That is so awesome about Mississippi State!

  3. #hailstate :) This post makes me immensely happy!