O How Pinteresting..


Switching it up a bit for my "Dream Home" portion!!! Instead of rooms, here are some decorating ideas for said Dream Home ha!

Warning: Just in case you haven't noticed before, I like color!! The more colorful, the better, in my opinion. I get it from my Momma.

(please tell me you started singing "She get it froma Momma"... if not, I'm not sure we should be friends ha! Kidding Kidding... but seriously, as soon as I typed that I started singing) 

Those chairs... the colors.. the wall color!!!

Love a farm table!

This chair is perfection!

Fab bedspread... door!!!

Gorg Chair!

Fab rug... table!!



Kendol would kill me, but this is awesome!!

Love the orange and blue!

Moving on to a little fashion!!

This dress is a "must have" for winter weddings!!!
Somebody, Anybody... please report to Dillards and purchase this for me.... PA PA PA-WEASE...

You can snatch this one up at Dillards too, if you're just feeling generous!!! ha

And while you're at it... throw in these too!! Just for kicks.....

Love yellow!!

O My Lawd!!

How perfect would this be if we go to a bowl game around new years.. Not that I could pull it off, but it's awesome!

Ok enough drooling!!! Moving on...
There are no words...

Source: piccsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Have a fantastic Hump Day full of blessings my lovelies!!!


  1. i love that grace print very true!! i bought a little necklace charm over the weekend that says grace, to remind me every day to practice that! i love those fashions callie, seriously and color for sure!! bring on color

  2. I love it! That decor is all gorgeous. Love the pops of color in every room. Pinterest gets me in trouble because I want to change everything ;)

  3. That orange and blue room is one of my faves! Great round up

  4. I can't get past the grogeousness that is that chair. It'd match my couch perfectly so I have to have it!! ;)

    Great pins. Loving your themes.

    Happy Wednesday!