Listening.. to a little J. Timberlake, Suit and Tie, obviously. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but now it's my jam. And I'm on a bit of a Lumineers kick, as well.

Eating.. Bread.. Seriously, that seems like all I eat... Sandwiches, everywhere. It has got to stop.

Drinking.. My Coke habit (as in Coca- Cola Classic) is back in full force. And I don't hate it one bit.. No matter how bad it is for me.

Wearing.. I literally wear my black legging/pants from The Loft everyday. They are most certainly one of the best purchases I've ever made. They are as thick as pants but have the elastic waste band like leggings. Therefore, if your butt isn't fully covered, you are A-OK! And people behind you in the Wal-Mart line aren't whispering/tweeting about "When are people going to learn that leggings are not 'pants'!!"

Feeling.. Tired but excited and determined. Determined to do my best at my job. Determined to save money. Determined to stick to my work outs no matter how bad I don't want to do them. And excited about life and what the near future holds for us.

Wanting.. For once in my life, I really can't think of anything that I am just DYING to have at this particular time. I do want some new pretty dresses for all of the upcoming spring and summer festivities. And I do WANT the weather to be gorgeous this weekend so that I can finally whip out the ole' shorts! Just in case Mother Nature forgot, it is Spring Break.. that's the official sign of 'spring', right? (Spring break?? What is Spring Break?? I sure wish I had WANT one of those)

Thinking.. About how much I've missed my friends and family lately. Need some good quality family/friend time, asap!

Enjoying.. The bright Sunshine. The warmer temperatures. My new Cotton Tag (my new car is now complete).

Thankful for.. This guy! and sunshine.. and beer... and cotton.. apparently..


  1. Love that picture, it looks like relaxation to me! :) Hang in there with your workouts, takes a couple weeks sometimes to get into the habit of getting back into it - or at least it can for me. LOVE ME some JT - can't wait for his new cd!!!

  2. ahh those leggings from loft sound what i need, because whenever i go out in my leggings i wonder if people will stop and stare and tell me leggings are not pants and then i melt into a puddle of embarrassment. what a sweet photo of your darling husband callie :-)

  3. I miss YOOOUUU, Cal! Friend time, ASAP. PS-- Suit+Tie is a fav of mine. It somehow ended up as my alarm ringtone this AM & it has been stuck in my head ever since. Have a stellar day, presh!

  4. I have been looking for a pair of leggings! I have a pair that I wear out to run errands but constantly worry about them covering my butt. I definitely will have to try the loft ones!