Over the Weekend..

A weekend with nothing to do??? WHAT!!! This never happens, so I enjoyed every second of it. We had a little Mexican double date on Friday and cooked out on Saturday. Homemade fried shrimp and cheese sticks, anyone?? Yum! 

It rained most of the weekend, so our plans to go see Jake Owen at the Flowood Family Festival were shot... Until the rain miraculously cleared and we heard him singing from the house. So what are some Jake lovin' girls to do? Put on their rain boots and go splashing through the mud.. right up to the stage, of course!

While the other boys stayed behind to watch the race (boooo), Ryan came along to make sure us girls didn't get a car stuck in this muddy mess!! Secretly I think he just wanted to come :)
Well, hello there beautiful!!
1. The muddy mess we were standing in.
2. A super classy gentlemen named Jeremy
3. Another super classy gentlemen with shorts and boots on.
(at least he had on shoes... most people didn't... yes, I'm for real)
Welcome to Mississippi, Y'all!!!
Good Lord.

Moving right along to Sunday. I started making my jewelry displays for my Stella and Dot Launch Party this coming  Friday!!! (If you are in the Jackson area, please stop by!!!!) I'm trying to decided if I should should leave them simple and cream colored, or if I should do some type of stain finish... Such as a light layer of gold or silver? Just to make it a little funky!!

We then headed celebrate Mother's Day with Kendol's parents where we stuffed our faces with twice baked potatoes, broccoli with a hollandaise sauce and Prime Rib.... YUMMMM! I am blessed with the best Mother and MIL in the world!! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. what a fun weekend! I want to come live near you please!! How was jake?? I bet amazing! have a great week love :)


  2. i seriously can not get enough of rain boots ... rain, mud, sunshine, it doesn't matter. i could wear them every day.

  3. Sounds so fun! & like something we would do! Throw on the rain boots & go!

  4. i loove weekends with nothing to do! i had quite the busy weekend this week, but it was still great :) i also love stella and dot, i have a friend who sells it, and your displays look great so far! I think you should leave them cream, the jewelry and its will stand out more.

  5. You should get some cheap gold frames and staple gun chicken wire to the back of them... They will hold necklaces and earrings and look sooo pretty!!

  6. You always have the best weekends! I love your recaps :) Happy Monday, lady!!!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend and props to you for braving the mud!!

    I like the displays and the idea of adding to them...some chevron stripes could be cute!

  8. Sounds so fun! And major props to you for braving the mud!!

    I like the displays! Maybe you could add some cute chevron stripes!