Hatfields & McCoys

Raise your hand if you've been stuck watching the Hatfields & McCoys three night special this week? Well, I have... And let me just tell you that all I knew of the H and C's is that they are in a Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings song and well.. that's all I really ever cared to know about them.

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys
Between Hank Williams' pain songs and
Newberry's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Now that I have that awesome song stuck in your head, I shall continue on.

I am not knocking the classic western but I have never been able to watch them. Maybe it's the onesies?? Maybe it's the horrific attempts at southern accents?? (those can ruin any movie for me) or just maybe the horrific acting and effects of the old days? But alas... I have to watch them because they are Kendol's favorite. What a fantastic little wifey I am. Bonus Points!! Cha-Ching.

Any who, back to the topic in discussion. This is a new version so I couldn't complain about all of the above. Except the onesies... The onesies are still being sported!
I can not take anyone serious in a onesie..

But seriously, this is the most confusing thing I've ever had to watch. I have no idea who is who, and I'm pretty sure Kendol is regretting making me watch it with him bc I am annoying the crap out of him with questions. They need to color coordinate so I know who is in which team family.. perhaps color coordinated onesies?? Just an idea. You know, usually there are two different ethnicities fighting... or at least there is an indian on one team to clarify... Or they have uniforms...or symbols.. something! In this one, everyone looks alike. For real.

Suppposedly, they explained the back story on the feud between the families at the beginning, but I must have zoned that out because all I have seen is that a boy from one family and a girl from another fell in love and got pregnant. This brought the whole family feud back to surface.

And Kendol also roped me into this claiming there was a love story involved. The love story between those two last abouuuut 2 minutes. All I've got to say is that a lot better happen in the last hour. Instead of just killing off those two, the entire families are killing each other and those two love birds are about the only ones left in either family... Makes no sense.

And Kendol keeps talking about Kevin Costner... 
I have yet to see him and we are five hours in.

When you say Kevin Costner, I need this:

Not this..

Atleast, there is this guy:


  1. We only just started watching it (thank you DVR) but because I saw what you said about not being able to tell them apart I have been obsessing over who is a Hatfield and who is a McCoy! We only just finished part I so I have a waysss to go butttt I agree, it would be way easier if they color coordinated instead of me yelling every two seconds, "oh wait, he's a hatfield" or "ugh I thought he was a mccoy"

    On an unrelated note... I don't know how anyone survived back in those days!! Everyone was shooting everyone else and they all lived in woodsheds. It amazes me hah.

  2. Is it bad that I have no idea what this show is? I must not be paying attention or something! But all I can think about is that blonde haired guy.. he was on OTH back in the day as Peyton's crazy fake brother who tried to kill her. Haha sorry for the random story! Have a great day love :)

  3. Ha! I feel the same way - tj was so excited to watch it each night, and me not so much . At the end last night when they gave the real life 'how they end up' credits I was like wait who was that guy on almost each of them - whoops :/

  4. Haha... I feel your pain!!! I've been sooo confused! They all look alike to me! All I can think about is that Nancy girl (the second one he married who was the first one's cousin) being the little girl from Stepmom! Ha!

  5. Oh my parents have been watching that, but we haven't since we don't have cable. But I really want to see it!

  6. I've been wanting to watch this series but, only recorded part 2 & 3!? I dunno. But, sounds like the old western drag that I don't like to watch! Bummer!

  7. Sooo I watched the last part with my dad last night and I kind of got sucked in. It was so interesting! Except when he killed his dog...I cried. I didn't catch the end but I think I will watch the whole thing in its entirety soon! PS: LOVE that Waylon song.


  8. Six hours and the ending credits telling you what happened to each person goes by so fast you can only read part of it. So I watch this whole entire thing and then cant even see how the story ends. I agree it took me most of the series to finally figure out who was a hatfield and who was a mccoy.

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