O How Pinteresting


Pardon me... but my pins have ABSOLUTELY no theme.
Here we go!!

Genius. Island with Cubbies for Laundry Baskets in Laundry Room

Precious Wreath for Fal
Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Yummy!! Asparagus Tarts

Love this Yellow Scarf and How it's Tied.


Genius and So Cute!

So True!! Love Mississippi

Source: etsy.com via Callie on Pinterest

And last, but more certainly not least... Go Dawgs!!!!!
1 day... 9 hours... 15 minutes until kickoff!!


  1. LOVE all of your Pins... Sometimes the ones you love the most just don't have a common theme, but you just HAVE to share them! :) Have a great Wednesday!

  2. I love that yellow scarf with the pin!

  3. pins never need to have a theme that is the wonderful thing about them! you can have a theme week or a modge podge the next week :-) i love that jewelry hanger so pretty and that wreath is adorable

  4. Lovely pins! I love the Autumn wreath :-)

  5. Love seeing other people's pinterest images. I have no time and used to be on it b/c it's so much fun to be inspired by all the lovely photos but great to see it shared on blogs that I read!


  6. I just came across your blog from the Pinterest link. The asparagus tarts look yummy, and I love the fall wreath!!

    I was born in Mississippi, and my grandparents all lived there for a very long time!! Where are you from?? One set of my g-parents lived outside of Jackson, and the other set lived in Prentiss. I was born in Flowood. Have you heard of either Prentiss or Flowood?? I was just curious!!

    Hope to hear from you soon!!