It's the HAP-HAPPIEST Season of All!!

It's the Hap-Happiest Season of All
It's time for some MSU football yall
The best day of the year has finally arrived
Grab your pom-pon's cause it's time to grind
Put on your maroon and give that cowbell a clang
and let's start this season out with a bang!!

O, the day has finally come. The day we've been waiting on for 9 months!!!
(No, I'm not having a child....silly)

Speaking of children....
Everyone's so excited!!
Look at some of my precious friends kiddos rootin for their Dawgs!

Sweet Hayesy in her cheer outfit!!
First of many cheer outfits, I hope :)

Kalley's sweet Branham is gameday ready!!

Michaelle's sweet Baxter and Britton in their MSU Gear!!
 P.S.  There are so many more precious kiddos. I wish I could add them all, but I didn't want any Momma's yelling at me for putting their children on here!!

I hope everyone gets the wins they are hoping for :)
except Memphis, of course...

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  1. I am SO EXCITED that college football is finally here! Bring on the hoodies and cheese dip! :)