O Happy Day!!

The rain from Tropical Storm Lee has finally stopped for the first time since first thing Saturday morning.

The temperature has dropped from 100+ down to 66.

The pumpkin spice candle has been going all weekend.

Football has started and one week in, we are undefeated (ha).

2 of my very best friends, that I miss so much, were here for the whole weekend.

We did a little too much shopping and ate a little too much good food.

We had a very very intense night of margaritas and scrabble.

My husband is fab. He cooked fried shrimp and all other kind of goodies for me and all of our friends last night.

My parents came in to town for a surprise visit this morning for my sister's birthday,

My daddy also bought me a new gun for deer season while he was here. (yay!!!)

I have on pj pants, a sweatshirt and my ugg houseshoes for the first time. (Yes I'm aware that it's only 66 degrees, but we have to take advantage of this weather while we can)

I bought two more fall candles and two Christmas ones at the 2 for 1 sale at Bath & Body works earlier.

I have not moved from my couch since about 3 o clock, except to eat supper (that my husband cooked, again!).

I'd say this weekend was successful.

After weekends like these, I always have a little bigger smile on my face.

I am so blessed.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Callie! Finally catching up on my blog reading :)


  2. I just love a lazy day!

    My husband (whose name is Lee) mentioned to me recently that "his hurricane had been downgraded to a tropical storm" :) Husbands and daddies are the best.