Fabulous (Shoe) Friday

So, this day is not going so swell. We lost our ballgame last night. I did not eat supper. It took us an hour and a half to get from the DG house to the DDD house on campus. We got home at 2. Can't keep my eyes open. I'm cold... Had Coca Cola Classic... Had Snickers....Turned on Stevie Nicks Pandora.. Nothing's helped...Mizzzz... And then I ran across these shoes... O...MY....WORD... Someone please buy these for me. As if yall couldn't tell before, I am a HUGE fan of color. And these shoes are perfection to me... Wedges... Colorful....NEED!!!

These beauties are the only things that have gotten me through this morning and put a smile on my face.
Fabulous Steve Madden Wedges

Fabulous Steve Madden Wedges by calliecollins featuring cuffed shorts

and this little one is, of course, helping my morning. Sweet Lawson is here!!! O how I can't wait to love on him :)

Ok.. Ok..Ok.. Maybe my Friday isn't as bad as I thought!!

Have a Fabulous Friday Loves!!

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