Ok, so I have to admit, I had never heard of this "Asos" brand that other bloggers post about. (Pardon Me) But today I decided to check out their website during my lunchbreak to see what the fuss was about. BOY O BOY, I did not need to go to the shoe category... Would anyone like to donate to the "Callie Needs New Heels" fund. Ok, I really don't NEED them, but I sure do want them all. I have plenty, but they sure are perfect! Believe me there were plenty more that were fabulous, but these were my favorites. I am a sucker for anything neutral, royal blue and yellow!

Now you go Check It Out. You will thank me later. Everything is Fabulous.


Now go be Fab!!
Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Great shoes, girl!! I feel like it's so easy to make shoes go from the "want" category...to the "need" category...very quickly! At least I always make that excuse!! I'm definitely a heels girl :) I looove those bright blue ones (the third ones in) that you picked. GORG. :) MademoiselleMichael