"Fall"ing in Love

So, this past summer I did a Summer Lovin' post about my favorite things about summer! (Idea from the precious Rachel at Simple Little Joys.. Be sure and check her out!!) I have decided to do one about fall, as well. Because I'm already in love and it hasn't even started yet, the temperature has just dropped. That's all it took for me to "fall" in love!!

Cool Temperatures ~ Gorgeous Leaves ~
Pumpkins ~ Sweatshirts ~ Blue Jeans ~
Boots ~ Mississippi State Football Candles ~
Thanksgiving ~ Halloween ~ Dress Up Parties ~
Sweaters ~ Scarves ~ Bonfires ~ S'mores ~
Hot Chocolate with Caramel ~ Deer Hunting ~
Tailgating ~ The Junction ~ Davis Wade Stadium ~
My Cowbell ~ Saints FootballLeggins ~ PJ Pants ~
My Ugg House Shoes ~ The colors ~ The scenery ~
The home decorations ~ Candy Corn ~ Almost Christmas ~
Sweet Potato Casserole ~ Fried Turkey  ~ Pecan Pie ~
Winter Coats ~ Trick or Treaters ~ The Fashion ~
Being permanently placed in front of my fireplace, whether it's cold or not


P.S. this new wider set up makes my posts look so short :(... must start working a little harder..

Happy Game Day Folks!!

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  1. I love fall - it's my favorite season...yet I've never seen an actual autumn. We don't get real season changes in LA :( But I can live vicariously through posts like these!

    Go Saints! I'm a huge Brees fan :)