Summer Lovin'

My sweet friend Rachel posted about her favorite things about summer time this morning... At the end she asked what each of her blog followers favorite things about summer were, so I, of course, am playing along bc summer time is THE BEST!!

sunshine ~ pretty flowers (obsessed with sunflowers recently) ~ bar bq ~ the beach ~ suntans ~ flip flops ~ margaritas ~ sundresses ~ sunglasses ~ cookouts ~ 4th of July ~ my birthday ~ last of the crawfish ~ wearing white ~ fun fingernail polish ~ boats ~ sweet G-90 corn on the cobb ~ bocci ball ~ coronas ~ tomatos ~ blt's ~ days on robuck and the rez ~ fireworks ~ homemade ice cream ~ watermelon ~ daddy's fish fries ~ roadtrips ~ eagle lake ~ laying out ~ fresh vegetable gardens ~ it's still light outside when I get off work ~ being barefoot ~ fun summer songs ~ nights in the delta ~ ribs ~ the beautiful colors ~ fruity drinks ~ weddings ~ cotton fields in full bloom ~ beautiful sunsets (last night's looked like a pair of 90's swim trunks!! it was hot pink and purple) ~ cantelope ~ sonic cokes ~ our anniversary (2 years!!)

Just to name a few
I may add to it as the day goes on.

Speaking of the perfect summer song.. can't get any better than this!!

Let Your Light Shine!!

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