Over the Weekend

"Lord have Mercy"
~ in my best Uncle Jesse voice

For one more month, I am still "not old"... after that, I will be "officially old" and on the wrong side of my twenties. When did we get so old?? When will I learn that I am not longer 21, and I just can't hang like I used to?

My Friday night was spent cleaning the house, making oreo balls for Saturday's festivities and making sloppy joe's and mac n cheese.

Now on to Saturday...

This was the view in our side yard... And we wonder why our neighbors hate us...
 Had it not been a scorching 125 degrees outside, we may not have made such a scene with the tents and all, but they were completely necessary to keep each one of us alive. My day began at 7 a.m. when Kendol began weed eating RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW. I don't think I could have been any more mad bc I was planning on sleeping until like 10, of course. Finally at 8:30 I give up the fight and called Ann-Hamilton to see if I can come play, bc let's face it, I don't know of one thing I could possibly be doing this early on a Saturday morning.

This is when I realized it was going to be a LONG DAY!!! Her and Hayes picked me up and we headed off to the Farmers Market/Nursery to get a few flowers to plant in our pots on the porches... let's just say there was absolutely no need in taking a shower bc by the time I got home and planted the plants, my shirt and hair were completely soaking wet. Then, as soon as I had gotten inside and cooled off, Kendol needed me outside to help put up the tents... So by 11 a.m. I was drenched in sweat, for the second time, and the crawfish boil hadn't even started.

At this point, I threw up my hands to the ponytail God's and pulled my hair back... Besides working out, you will VERY RARELY see me with my hair in a ponytail... O my gosh it's an awful look. If it's in a ponytail, you know it's been a rough day and you should probably refrain from speaking to me. Just like in the mornings... I do not speak until after lunch. It would be in your best interest, to leave me be.

To have been outside sweating for hours, I'd say we were looking pretty good ladies.

At 1 o'clock the crawfish boil began and by 8 o'clock all of the crawfish were eaten and us girls decided we should head to the Flowood Family Festival to see Tracy Lawrence, for free... I mean, hello... who doesn't want to hear Texas Tornado? If you don't like that song, we should probably not be friends.

Let's just say, Mr. Lawrence was not ok with the MS heat either. I seriously thought he was going to die up there. It was supposed to last until 10, so we assumed he would start playing around 8. So that's when we headed up there. He was done by 9, but never fear. We got there just in time Texas Tornado and a few other classics.

Krista and Kaitlyn

Me and Mal!! Did I mention it was hot?

On Sunday, Ann-Hamilton, Hayes, Momma and I went to pick up Eleanor from FCA camp at Belhaven and had lunch at Amerigo!!! YUMMY!! Yay for girl time!!

Then Kendol and I went to see Hangover 2.
Raunchy, but O, so funny.

Then we proceeded to Buffolao Wild Wings to watch the Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech for the Regionals Title!! On, to the super regionals, we go!!

Can you see why I needed a large coke from Sonic Happy Hour and 7:15 this morning.? I am seriously dragging. Yes, I learned from Mallory this weekend that not only is Sonic Happy Hour from 2-4, but it's also in the mornings. And conveniently there is a Sonic right by Ridgeland Body Shop and Enterprise on Hwy 51, where I dropped my car off this morning to be fixed, FINALLY. P.S. I am driving a car for the first time in 9 years. I literally felt like my butt was touching the pavement. It's so weird...


On to the most important news from the weekend!!!

So So So excited. How cute are they??
And look at that bling!! Jack, you get an A+!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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