Thankful Thursday

On this Thursday I am thankful for my precious family.
Pardon me while I brag on them a little.

1) As of May 26th, my sweet parents have been married fro 32 years!!! What an accomplishment in todays crazy world. They are the best!!

2) As some of you may know, my mother retired at the end of the school year with 30 years of teaching under her belt!! She will start teaching at Pillow Academy in August!! So proud of her for finally retiring from the public school system.

3) Little Hayes can now sit up like a pro and is just the cutest thing ever. If she would lay on her stomach for more than 2 seconds without screaming bloody murder, she would be able to crawl too. She will figure it out one day ha! O, if she only knew what all she could get in to. And sweet Hayesy got christened a few weeks ago. How gorgeous is she in her christening gown. She hated that thing, but she sure looked like a doll.

with her Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Jordan... Clearly, she is not a happy camper
3) My little sister, Eleanor, won the jump competition for the entire highschool cheerleader camp at Southern, yesterday. So proud of her. She is just so good!!! GOOOO POOCH!!! Wish I could be there to watch :(

4) As most of you know, Kendol is a boy scout leader and is president of our homeowners association. Although, I  think he's lost his mind, I am proud of him for everything he does. It takes a special person to volunteer for boyscouts without a child in the troop and it takes a special person to have the patience to put up with 420 houses worth of people, most of which are older than you. I know I couldn't do either of the two, so more power to him!!!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!
Psalm 107:1

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