Fill in the Blank Friday

Play along HERE!!!

1. The last movie I saw was The Hangover 2!! And it is hysterical... raunchy, but hysterical.

2. I want to be off work and headed to the delta!!!

3. Surprises are awesome if I don't know about them.  But if I know there is a surprise and I just don't know what it is, it drives me NUTS!!

4. The best accessory is a confident smile!!! and fabulous pair of shoes, of course.

5. My favorite warm drink is a hot chocolate with caramel and whip cream from Cups!!

6. My favorite cold drink is Water, Coke, Sprite, Miller Lite or a Margarita!! They all run a tight race.

7. Currently loving lots of things.
Let's make a list.
That Kendol comes home today, finally!
That it's Friday
That I'm going home to see my family to celebrate Father's Day for the best Daddy in the world.
How I Met Your Mother (if you don't watch it, you should... so funny)
That I get to spend the day at the pool tomorrow.
Jason Aldean

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