Beauty Secrets

Tricked ya!! No beauty secrets here... I NEED the beauty secrets.

I have a few questions for all of you girly, girl bloggers and readers!!

I am not a girly, girl at all besides liking fashion and painting my fingers & toes (which I still can't paint my right hand very well), so my beauty tips and tricks are few and far between.

Examples, I have been wearing the same base (Clinique Porcelain Beige) and blush (Cliniquie Fig) since 7th grade when I started to wear make-up... Yes, I'm serious. I have never had a manicure or pedicure and I've only had 1 massage.

Anywho, I need to know how to take care of my face... for serious. Yes, I wash my face with an apricot scrub and I moisturize daily, but that's the extent. I wasn't kidding when I said I looked like I had aged 10 years since football season started.

I always read blogs about beauty products, face masks, going to the spa, favorite make-up products and such. What I need is your beauty secrets/tips for the face and any others that you would like to share. Like what lotions, face wash, anti-aging/skin renewing creams, make-up, nail polish... etc etc do you use that are the best and are your favorites!

Spill the beans people!!!

A few things that I have bought lately that I LOVE are:

O.P.I Glitzerland

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

O.P.I. Somoan Sand

Smashbox "Shimmer"
It's just a neutrally pink with glitter.
Put it on over your blush if you want to be a little sassy!


O and p.s. don't forget about the F.A.B. GiveAway! I will pick a winner tomorrow!!


  1. Mary Kay is one of the top direct sellers of skin care. Most of our anti-aging products (which I religiously use every day) are backed with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval which is pretty big. Our prices are very reasonable and doesn't take much of the products so they last a long time. I would be more than happy to come to Jackson so you can try them! If you get 2 others to join you, you will get some of your products free! Let me know if you are interested! www.marykay.com/clairjenkins

  2. my go to face wash is aveeno the bar soap seriously i didn't realize how dry my skin was before using that soap. it has cleaned up my dry skin and all the zits and pimples i was getting as a result of my dry skin who would have thought those two were linked together? anyways definitely moisturizer every day and moisturize your neck, your neck can actually age you later in life so moisturize it well! my newest beauty secret is navy blue eyeliner no joke and since we both have brown eyes the blue really pops more, try it! my go to eyeliner is maybelline it comes in a green tube look for it it glides on so easily, you won't regret it. and for my eyeshadow i always put a primer on my eyelids first otherwise my eyeshadow in in the creases two hours later. two of my favorite blushes is nars orgasm that one is super popular! and fruit cocktail by bar escentuals, if you try any of them out let me know i would love to hear how the products treat you

  3. Eye primer is definitely a must-have in any makeup bag. Foundation primer is great too! I also agree that whatever you do to your face in the way of skin care, you should do to your neck as well! You don't want beautiful skin on your face in several years but a wrinkled, baggy neck! haha

  4. I was making my skin worse by using harsh cleansers so I went to dermatologist and now use CeraVe wash (like Cetaphil) and moisturizer and my skin has improved dramatically. I also wear Clinique skin clearing foundation and use their City Block as a primer. It works great for stopping oil and shine and you can put it on/around the eye! It helps keep away eye wrinkles and prime for shadow! I use Urban Decay eyeliners because they are waterproof and don't run down my face. Urban Decay also has a great eye primer. Nars has the best lip glosses and lipsticks. Buxom and Dior mascaras are THE BEST. I shop at Sephora and if you go to their website they have great tips and customer reviews on everything! I'm terrible at doing my own manicures so I have found the Essie polish has a smaller brush that's easier for me to control than OPI. I hope some of this helps!