Touchdowns & Tiaras

Alright folks, you are looking at the newest member of the Fantasy Football League. I have joined an all girls league with some of my great friends. I have always made fun of Kendol for doing this bc it gets so ridiculous during games trying to keep up with everything, but I finally gave in.

Team Name:
Touchdowns -n- Tiaras 
(from Toddlers & Tiaras)
(the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity)
Just call us "TnT" for short...BOOOOM!!

TnT To The Top
(From the University of Southern Mississippi's slogan SMTTT- Souther Miss To The Top)


When I start coming up with this kind of stuff, I start to take it to the wwwaaayyyy next level. I love coming up with stuff like this and then I can't decide which names and slogans I want to use and I get stressed.

Example: I first googled football slang/terminology to start brain storming on team names... The first funny thing I came accross was "slobber knocker." What is a "slobber knocker" you ask? It is a particularly gruesome tackle in the game of football. I died out laughing when I saw this term and immediately came up with the name "CC's Slobber Knockers" Hysterical!! (CC being my initials, of course). Then I ran across the term "punt, pass & kick" like the highshool punt, pass & kick competition. My friend Mary Kathryn's team is called "Pigskins & Pantyhose." So, this immediately triggered my girly side and I came up with "Punt, Pass & Priss" as a fun slogan. Such as "Punt, Pass & Prissing my way  to the Top."... I'm telling you, when I start doing these things I get way too crazy... So then this triggered the SMTTT slogan and somehow I cam up with "Touchdowns and Tiaras To The Top," which then triggered the thought of a girly football and here I am with a pink sequin football picture.

I am still not 100% sold on this bc I still find "CC's Slobber Knockers" to be HIGH-LARIOUS!! It would just require an explanation constantly, but would be worth it. And I'm not 100% sold bc I am not a girly girl/pink/sequin type person (unless we're talking fashion), so it's a little out of my comfort zone ha!

So now it's time to start "grinding for my team" as we say at Mississippi State. (We'll call it "glitter grind") Ok... I swear I'm going to stop now...

Must go study some draft kits and roster rankings and see who I should draft to my fabulous team. Thank goodness none of us know what we're doing.

Enough with the girliness, it's time to get serious.

Off to grind,
Ta Ta

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